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Welcome to Anyone who has graduated from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and identifies as a LGBTIQQAA person, or was involved in the Pride Center, Rainbow Unity or S.A.G.E.

We feel it is very important to stay in contact, and we hope that this group will continue to grow! 
If you have any ideas about what you would like to see the Alumni group participating in please give us your feedback below!


Leave Your Legacy!!!

We are very excited to announce a new scholarship.  This spring students donated $2,000.00 from the annual Drag Show to the Sara Sullivan LGBTQ Study Abroad Scholarship!!!  We also give out our third round of scholarships for the Eagle Pride Fund. If you are interested in donating (all donations welcome) please contact Will Van Roosenbeek or give directly to the UW-L Foundation.  Make sure you list which Scholarship you would like to donate towards!!!!!  

The Eagle Pride Scholarship Fund was initially established after $1,000 was raised during the 7th Annual Drag Show, during the 8th Annual Drag Show Rainbow Unity decided to annually contribute money to the scholarship fund from profits made from Drag Show ticket sales. 


Looking for UW-L LGBTIQQAA history!!!

UW-L is collecting the rich history of it's diversity efforts.  We want to be able to reflect on where we have come while we stay focused on changing and growing to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. If you have some historical knowledge or pictures etc... and would be willing to share please contact Will Van Roosenbeek

Check out the new UW-L Diversity Timeline!!!


If you would like to donate to this scholarship fund please contact Will Van Roosenbeek

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Current Alumni

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