Scholastic standing is determined by the grade point system. Grade points are used to determine an official scholastic average for each student. A semester grade point average is calculated by dividing the grade points earned by the number of credits attempted that semester. The cumulative average is the total number of grade points earned divided by the total number of credits attempted.

Undergraduates must maintain an average of 2.00 as the minimum standard for satisfactory work after attempting 45 credits. (See Retention Standards)

Effective January 1994, the university adopted a seven-step grading scale with point values assigned as follows:

A              4.00 grade points/credit

AB            3.50 grade points/credit

B              3.00 grade points/credit

BC            2.50 grade points/credit

C              2.00 grade points/credit

D              1.00 grade points/credit

F              0.00 counted as credits attempted


Additional university grades and grade points used but not part of the scale adopted in 1994:


I               incomplete

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

IP             in progress

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

W, WP     withdraw passing

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

WF           withdraw failing

0 (counted as credits attempted, averaged into GPA)

EP            emergency withdrawal/passing*

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

EF            emergency withdrawal/failing*

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

AS            audit satisfactory

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

AU           audit unsatisfactory

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

S              satisfactory

0 (counted as credits earned)

U              unsatisfactory

0 (not counted as credits attempted)

P              pass

0 (counted as credits earned)

F              fail

0 (counted as credits attempted, averaged into GPA)

NA           not active

0 (counted as credits attempted; average into GPA) Student did not officially withdraw from the course, but failed to participate in course activities through the end of the period. There is insufficient evidence to make a meaningful evaluation of academic performance possible. The N/A grade will appear as an “F” on the student record.

NR           no report

   0 (not averaged into GPA; the “NR”grade is posted for all missing grades.)

PR            Progress-graduate level only

   0 (not counted as credits attempted)


*NOTE: The faculty Committee on Academic Policies and Standards has established EP and EF as grades that are to be utilized only for the emergency medical withdrawal and military call-ups of students. These grades will be recorded on the permanent academic record to indicate level of performance at the time of withdrawal; however, such grades will not be averaged into the student’s grade point average.