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    Your Hall Representatives!


    Angell Hall

    Jaron Frederick

    SI Co-Chair

    Hi everyone! My name is Jaron Frederick and I live in the wonderful Angell Hall, room 426B! My major is Secondary Education and I plan on teaching high school Social Studies or Mathematics. Alongside Taylor, I serve as one of the SI co-chairs. The goals I hope to achieve through my time in RHAC are simple: to become a better leader and establish meaningful relationships. The experiences that I am able to have through RHAC are already teaching me valuable lessons and I can’t wait to apply them in years to come. My hobbies include singing, playing the piano, video games, cooking, and meeting new people. I love RHAC because of the strong friendships made and the positive impacts we can make on our campus!

    Nicole Fronek

    ARC Co-Chair

    Hey! My name is Nicole Fronek from Angell Hall and I live in the very cozy room of 213A.  I am majoring in Biomedical Science with a Pre-Med emphasis and a Spanish minor.  I am one of the co-chairs of ARC. A goal I have (even though it may not seem large) ties into my hobbies.  I love to work out and my goal is to get stronger everyday to the point where I can do at least two whole pull-ups. So yes, my hobby, more specifically, is weight lifting combined with crossfit; which in the fitness world is a scandal compared to loving two polar opposite enemies like English and Math. This also ties into what I would like to be after college. I would love to be an orthopedic surgeon, or MD for athletes or more specifically an athletic team. I love how friendly the environment is at RHAC and how I can make a difference. I hope to gain a more professional leadership appearance and more experience in general.


    Coate Hall


    Beverly Jackson - ARC

    Hi, I am Bevie RHAC ARC member from the kingdom of Coate room 202B. As of now my major is psychology. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with it. I love RHAC because I met so many amazing people and it connects me to campus in a lot of ways. I hope to make UWL a better place by being a RHAC rep.

    Jack Flinchum - SI

    Hey all, my name is Jack Flinchum and I’m an RHAC SI member from Coate Hall in room 318 B. I’m switching my major from Exercise and Sport Science to Psychology with a minor in Sociology and am thinking of being a counselor after college. I love to run and plan on running an Ironman someday! I recently ran the Chicago marathon in October and it was an absolute blast. I love RHAC for the people that are involved in it and am looking forward to making an impact on UW-La Crosse.


    Drake Hall

    Jacob Sparks - ARC

    Hey guys, my name’s Jacob Sparks (or just Sparks) and I’m an RHAC and ARC representative from Drake Hall, room 209 (just 2 rooms away from the best co-rep!) I’m majoring in Finance and minoring in Communication Studies but I’m thinking about going into Student Affairs as a grad program. I am not sure what I want to be when I graduate, but I know it will definitely involve working in a social environment. I love playing soccer and volleyball, watching movies, and hanging with friends. RHAC is such a blast to go to because everyone from all halls seem to be able to work together, and especially for such a large group, you tend to never see that, and who could hate sitting next to Bev every Thursday?! I hope being in RHAC gives me leadership and social skills that I can use when applying to be a Desk Coordinator next year, and I also want to leave an impact for future RHAC reps.

    Evan Mol - SI

    What’s good everyone? My name is Evan Mol and I’m the SI (Specific Issues) RHAC rep for Drake this year. My Batcave is room 207 and I live just 2 doors away from my faithful co rep in crime Sparks. I am a Accounting major and looking for a double major at the moment. I’m also hoping to have a German minor and study abroad sometime in my college career. I have many hobbies, most of them nerdy, but I love hanging out and getting to meet new people and that is why I ran for an RHAC position. I love playing video games with my friends (this can be computer, xbox, etc.). I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, and soccer. My college goal is to become an RA and create a great community. RHAC has been a great experience for me so far with getting to meet people along with gaining valuable leadership skills.


    Eagle Gray

    Eagle Gray Pic 1

    Drew Penkala - ARC

    Hello hello! My name is Drew Penkala, and I'm reppin' Eagle Gray in room 312. I am a member of the ARC committee, as well as CAB. My major is in Communication Studies with a Theatre minor. My lifetime goal is to win an Academy Award, so watch out Meryl Streep! I love anything related to movies, music, or the outdoors. I love RHAC because it makes me feel like I can really make a difference on campus, even if it is something small. I also enjoy the meetings we have Thursday nights, even if they stretch to three hours (Yes, I'm crazy.) because I think it's awesome to hear about things happening on campus and how important everyone's opinion is. 

    Naomi Poquette - SI

    Hey everyone! My name is Naomi Poquette and I’m also reppin' Eagle Gray in room 306.  I am also a member of the SI and dining services committees.  My major is MC-EA education with a Special Education minor.  I hope to be a Special Ed. teacher at the elementary or middle school level someday because I love working with kids.  I’m really into anything related to music and one of my goals is to get better at playing acoustic guitar (I’ve got a solid 5 chords down).  Some other hobbies are running, traveling, singing, pinterest diy’s, and anything outdoors.  So far, I’ve loved getting to know all of the sweet people that I have through RHAC and I hope to continue to grow as a leader and impact our campus for the better as a group.


    Eagle Maroon
    Eagle Maroon

    Mitchell Owen - ARC

    Hello!  I am Mitchell Owen and I proudly represent Eagle Maroon, and  I live in 227A.  I am a member of the ARC committee and enjoy planning campus wide events.  I do not have a major or minor decided, but I want to become a physician’s assistant after college.  My goal for this year is to experience something new each month while on campus.  Outside of school I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time with my dog and the rest of the family.  I love being apart of RHAC because I enjoy spending my time with amazing people and taking part in the planning of awesome events.

    Linsey Feit - SI

    Hello friends!  My name is Linsey Feit and I reside in Eagle Maroon, room 229A.  As a member of the SI committee, I’ve found that I greatly enjoy discussing issues with residents and helping their voices be heard.  Although my major is currently undeclared, I am leaning towards Clinical Laboratory Science with a possible minor in Psychology.  I’ve already had a wonderful time as a representative for RHAC, but one of the highlights has been joining Broadening Horizons and planning events to increase inclusivity on our campus.  RHAC is full of lovely individuals and it has helped me accomplish my goal of getting involved in clubs and organizations this year.  I look forward to making a positive impact on our campus!


    Hutch Hall

    Hutch Pic 1(1)

    Taylor Leibfried

    SI Co-Chair

    Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Leibfried and I am currently a RHAC rep for Hutchison Hall, room 238 (come say hi)! I also am one of the co-chairs for the Specific Issues committee! I’m majoring in psychology with a minor in interpersonal communications and eating, reading, and watching sports are 3 of my favorite things. I also really love playing board and card games! A goal of mine is to raise my GPA to be above a 3.6. After college, I hope to be a child therapist working in a children’s hospital. I love RHAC for so many reasons but my favorite is the people! You become friends with people that you might not have met without this opportunity and everyone is always really friendly! One thing I hope to accomplish is that I want to be apart of something will impact the campus for many years to come. 

    Rachael Ludolph - ARC

    Hi! My name is Rachael, and I am an RHAC representative from Hutch Hall, where I live in room 312. My major is therapeutic recreation with a minor in nutrition. One day I hope to work with children with autism or to work with veterans with physical disabilities from war. My hobbies are running, listening to music, and relaxing. I decided to be a part of the wellness committee because I am interested in the health of myself along with everyone around me. I am also a member of ARC and have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite part of RHAC would have to be the great relationships I have made so far, everyone in this group is so supportive and respectful to everyone around them. The meetings are also very enjoyable, even though they can be lengthy sometimes, we always make sure to laugh a lot. My goals for this semester are to receive all A's and B's in my classes, along with looking for jobs in my field of work for next school year. As a member of RHAC, I would like to become more involved in my dorm and build networks for the future.


    Laux Hall

    Kym Howe - SI

    Hello! I am Kym Howe and I proudly represent Laux Hall.  I can be found in room 402 and belong to SI.  My major is psychology and I am considering a second major in women studies.  I love to read and recently re-read to Harry Potter series and this lead to me finally accepting my muggle status!  I love the friends I have made through RHAC and being able to see the changes and planning that is done be put into action.  This  year I would love to make a difference in any way I can.  This has pushed me to join RHAC, become very involved with Rainbow Unity, and apply to be in Awareness Through Performance.

    Michelle Chester - ARC

    Hey everyone! I’m Michelle and I’m the Laux rep residing in room 222. I’m currently an Archaeology major and trying to pick between either an Anthropology or History minor. After college I’d really like to work in a museum, working my way up to being a curator. I absolutely adore Greek mythology and I spend my free time reading, listening to music, and going to concerts; I’ve been to about 40 shows in the past four years! One thing I really want to do with RHAC is to better know a wide variety of awesome people and become a better public speaker. So far I’ve really enjoyed RHAC and have already seen myself grow as a person.


    Reuter Hall


    Megan Heitman - ARC

    Hi, my name is Megan Heitman, and I am representative for Reuter Hall.  I am part of the ARC committee.  My major is Early Childhood through Middle Childhood, so I will be able to teach birth through age 11.  I am hoping to become a Kindergarten teacher after college.  Some of my hobbies include re-watching Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, hanging out with friends, and interacting with different people.  I love being a part of RHAC because everyone is so open and friendly.  I have made many new friendships through this experience, and I hope to gain more leadership skills through RHAC.

    Alexandra Spiering - SI

    Hey! My name is Alex Spiering and I am the Specific Issues RHAC rep for Reuter Hall. I’m in room 103 in Reuter if you ever stop by!. My major is International Business with a minor in Spanish. My main goals in RHAC is to develop my leadership skills and meet some amazing people, which I have already done! I love playing volleyball and hiking but also love watching movies and TV. You can always find me doing things for Reuter Hall Council and the Campus Activities Board.


    Sanford Hall

    Kaitlin Aken - SI

    HEY! My name is Kaitlin A. Aken, and I am the Specific Issues RHAC rep for Sandford Hall. I live in room 330 (the cave). As of right now, my major is Early Childhood Education; however, I would like to change this to High School Education. My main goal in life is to be happy with what I am doing with my life, and being in RHAC is already helping me accomplish this! I wanted to be in RHAC because I wanted to be apart of a group that can really do things on campus for people. This year in RHAC I want to accomplish many things, but to put it simply I want people to feel like the residence halls is their home. Currently I am in the Trans* Tact Force committee. On my free time, I enjoy to crochet, shop, and hang out with people!

    Dylan Jester

    ARC Co-Chair

    Hi!  My name is Dylan Jester and I am the RHAC Representative for Sanford Hall, as well as one of the Co-Chairs for the Activities and Relations Committee.  I live in room 321, and would love to see you stop by!  I am a Psychology major with emphasis in Counseling Psychology, and an Interpersonal Communications minor.  My hobbies include: playing and teaching piano, being apart of the trombone section for Jazz Ensemble I, singing/theatre, watching loads of movies, conducting hypnotism, chilling with friends, and meeting new people.  A goal of mine is to promote meaningful community experience in Sanford Hall and across campus.  I would like to become a Counseling Psychologist after college (Dr. Jester? How awesome is that?), and to continue freelance work in jazz trombone playing and hypnotism.  I love RHAC because it gives a voice to the students.  I think it is important that we, as students, are listened to and have our needs met.  RHAC isn’t just an organization on campus, RHAC is a family.  Thanks for visiting our page!


    Wentz Hall

    Wentz Pic 1(1)

    Sarah Brumer - ARC

    Hey ya’ll I am Sarah Brumer. I live in Wentz Hall, whoop! I just recently declared a major in Psychology with a minor in Business. I plan on going on to Grad school for Occupational Therapy.  One  goal that I have is that I want to run a half marathon. I planned on running one this coming spring here in La Crosse  but haven’t been training the way I should have. Hopefully that changes soon! With that, I am very passionate about being active and I love to play sports; basketball, volleyball, softball, football you name it I’ll play it. I am super competitive and love a challenge.  And this year I challenged myself to become more involved on campus and that is why I joined RHAC and I can say that I love it. Being involved was something I always enjoyed, and last year it was really difficult not being involved so that is why I changed it up this year. I love having the chance to make a difference for others on campus.I am very happy about how my sophomore year has been going and it can only get better.

    Michelle Juza - SI

    Hello! My name is Michelle Juza. I am one of the two representatives in RHAC from Wentz Hall. I live in room 224 with my pet fish named Finn (Stop by if you need anything!). I am a freshman here at UW-La Crosse, and my current major is clinical laboratory science. In the future, I plan on continuing my education at medical school to become a pathologist. I love competitive swimming, my favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood, I love manatees, and I am regularly seen wearing lime green Crocs. I joined RHAC at second semester when the position opened up so I could begin my involvement at UWL. I have learned so much already from RHAC and love to work with a group giving their time to constantly improve life on campus. While in RHAC, I hope to make it known to residents that they do have a voice here on campus. To do that, i am involved in the SI committee. I am also in the Greener Living Committee as well. I am very grateful that I am able to be involved in my school through RHAC.  


    White Hall

    Erynn Hoff - SI

    Hi everybody! I’m  Erynn Hoff  and I am one of the RHAC representatives for White Hall! I am currently undecided in Business and I am leaning toward majoring in Accounting or Marketing, but I just can’t decide. Some of my hobbies are reading, sleeping, hanging out with my amazing friends and family, sport shooting with my dad, playing volleyball and wallyball. I love RHAC because it’s a great way to become involved on campus and meet new people and make new friends. I am hoping that through RHAC I can become a better leader. I am not only involved in RHAC but I am involved in CAB as well.

    Shannon Murphy - ARC

    Hi, my name is Shannon Murphy, and I’m one of the RHAC reps for White Hall and I live in room 426 (woo!).  I am currently undecided, but I’m thinking about majoring in Interpersonal Communication and Psychology.  My dream job would be to work for a non-profit like the Make-A-Wish foundation or to work for the Disney company.  I love to be active, read, and just be social.  One of my personal goals for right now is to finish my freshman year with a 3.8 GPA.  We shall see how that works out:) 
    I love RHAC because it’s a great way to stay connected on campus as well as make great friends.  I’m hoping that through RHAC, I will be able to become a better leader and communicator.  Besides RHAC, I’m also involved with the Greener Living Committee.