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  • Specific Issues (SI)

    RHAC's Specific Issues Committee

    Welcome to the Specific Issues Committee!

    Specific Issues, or SI, is a sub-committee of RHAC that focuses on two major areas, Issues and Education. SI is devoted to researching ways to improve life on campus by taking suggestions from residents, as well as touring other campuses around the Midwest and bringing back new ideas to UWL. 

    You can find a Specific Issues box at each hall's front desk if you have an on-campus problems that you would like to bring to our attention, or click here to submit an issue on our online form!  You can also scan the QR code below to access our virtual issues form.

    SI Issue Box Online Submission Form

    SI's education portion hopes to shed light on current issues throughout Residence Life. This year, SI has been focusing on raising awareness about and taking action against sexual assault. In addition, the educational portion helps to set up all-campus programs that promote a safe environment for education and inclusive excellence. 

    Overall, SI aims to make living on campus more comfortable for everyone!

    What has SI done this year?

    Our focus this year is on the security of students when walking around campus at night, feeling safe and protected in their Residence Halls, and implementing polices that ensure students aren't victims of sexual assault. This year SI has paired with the Sexual Violence Action Committee on campus to unify our goals to lower and eradicate sexual violence on campus. Together we are educating students through programs, and fundraising for local woman's shelters

    It is also our responsibility to host a Safety Walk around UWL with a member of the campus police to suggest improvements for safety around campus.

    What great things has SI done in the past?

    • Promoted bike safety and the installment of bike fit-it stations around campus.
    • Promoted gender-neutral housing.
    • Allowed overnight guests of the opposite sex.
    • Advocated for blue lights around campus to promote safety.
    • Promoted awareness of the dangers of texting and driving (#itcanwait campaign).