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  • Leader's Training Course (LTC)

    Leader's Training Course  (LTC) is a 4-week opportunity for you to experience the best leadership training in the world. You will develop new skills, experience personal growth and awareness, and become qualified for enrollment in the Advanced Course of Army ROTC that ultimately leads to a commission as an Army Officer. You will find LTC a world-class training experience that will provide you a competitive leadership edge that will serve you well in all life endeavors.

    Conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the Leader's Training Course is not basic training. The main focus of LTC is to develop your leadership skills through exposure to interactive personal and group experiences. You will also be introduced to the "soldierization" experience, as you will learn many of the basic soldier skills that set us apart from our civilian colleagues. Army Drill Sergeants and cadre from universities across the nation play key roles in your experience as they lead you through your daily training routine. Your cadre team will provide you daily feedback and counseling on your successes and areas still needing improvement. As this country's best and brightest young adults on college campuses today, we know you relish the physical and mental challenges that await you.

    Through this experience, you will learn how and when to lead others and the importance of teamwork in accomplishing a common goal. More importantly you will be taught the values and ethos of an Army officer and what is required to achieve this distinction. Your graduation from LTC will establish the foundation and set you on a path to "Discover Gold" as a lieutenant in just a few short years.

    What is LTC to me?

    LTC provides you:

    • An opportunity to gain both a commission as a second lieutenant and a college degree
    • Hands-on management and leadership training
    • An ROTC stipend as a contracted ROTC cadet
    • An opportunity to win a 2-year scholarship
    • An opportunity for volunteer training in Airborne, Air Assault, Northern or Mountain Warfare Training


    • Be a US citizen
    • Be between 17 and 30 years old
    • Be enrolled in college full-time in pursuit of a baccalaureate or advanced degree and have at least 2 years remaining in school, or be sponsored to attend camp by a military junior college (MJC)
    • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (MCJ student must also have a minimum ACT score of 17 or SAT score of 920.)
    • Meet military medical qualification standards
    • Have no civil convictions (unless waiver is approved)
    • Have no more than 3 dependents (unless waiver is approved)

    For more information and details contact our scholarship officer.