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  • Class schedule

    Below is a comprehensive list of group fitness classes.  Check out the videos to learn more about our classes.

    SPRING 2015
    Registration for spring classes begins Monday, Dec. 1.  FREE classes will be offered the entire first week of classes (Jan. 26-30)!

    These FREE classes will follow our normal schedule.  Space is limited and classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  This is a great way to try out a new class. 

    Monday & Wednesday

    7:45 AM Cycle & Core
    5:00 PM Cycle
    6:00 PM Cycle & Core

    Tuesday & Thursday

    7:45 AM Cycle & Core
    5:00 PM Cycle & Core
    6:00 PM Cycle
    7:00 PM  Cycle & Core

    Friday BONUS class
    12:10 Cycle
    This class is free for anyone registered in a fitness class (show ID at door; limited to first 22 cyclists).

    All classes 45 minutes and meet in the REC Conditioning Room.
    Monday & Wednesday

    12:05 PM INSANITY® (30 minutes; $13)
    2:15 PM Cardio Kickbox
    3:30 PM Guts & Glutes
    4:30 PM Power Yoga
    5:30 PM Beginning Yoga
    6:30 PM Strong and Sleek
    7:30 PM Zumba® & Abs
    8:30 PM INSANITY® (30 minutes; $13)

    Tuesday & Thursday

    6:30 AM Yoga 
    7:30 AM Zumba® & Abs
    11:30 AM Total Body Tabata® (30 minutes; $13)  NEW!
    12:05 PM Yogalates
    3:30 PM Zumba® & Abs
    4:30 PM C.S.I. (Boot Camp)**
    5:30 PM Pilates
    6:30 PM 3-for-1*
    7:30 PM INSANITY® (50 minutes)
    8:30 PM Zumba® 

    Fridays ONLY
    11:00 AM Ballet Core Fitness NEW!
    This class meets weekly until mid-semester and requires registration

    Friday BONUS class

    12:05 PM   3-for-1*
     This class is free for anyone registered in a fitness class (show ID at the door; limited to first 50 participants).

    *Kickbox, Zumba®, Core

    All classes 50 minutes (exception: 30 minute INSANITY® and Tabata®) and meet in the REC Aerobics Room.
    Monday & Wednesday

    6:30 AM Conditioning
    7:00 AM  Conditioning
    11:00 AM Strength & Conditioning (60 mins.; 6 weeks)
    4:00 PM Conditioning
    4:30 PM Conditioning
    7:00 PM Conditioning

    Tuesday & Thursday

    6:30 AM Conditioning
    7:00 AM  Conditioning
    11:00 AM Strength & Conditioning (60 mins.; 6 weeks)
    4:00 PM Conditioning
    4:30 PM Conditioning

    All classes 30 minutes (exception: 60 minute strength & conditioning) and meet in the REC Conditioning Room.

    Aerobic and cycling classes meet twice/week for the semester and include an opportunity to attend a bonus Friday class.  Eagle Fit 360 meets twice/week for the semester (exception: 60 minute strength & conditioning class meets for 6 weeks).  Click here to register!


    Aerobic and cycling classes - $25 per semester (exception: 30 minute INSANITY® $13)
    Eagle Fit 360 classes - $25 for 30-minute sessions per semester (exception:  6-week 60 minute strength & conditioning class)


    $2 class drop in fee (aerobics & cycling only), based on availability. Drop in passes can be purchased at the REC Information Counter prior to class.


    3 for 1
    Limited on time? Then this is the class for you. A fusion of cardio kickboxing, strength training and core work, this class hits all the areas of fitness. 

    Beginning Yoga
    Discover yoga at a beginner’s pace.  This introductory class will teach you the basic foundations of yoga, building strength stamina and flexibility.  Chill out and decompress from your busy day.

    Cardio Kickbox video icon
    Jab, punch & kick your way into a tight strong body to pulsing beats!  Instructors will coach you on as you train hard and get results!

    CSI (Boot Camp)
    This cardio strength, interval group exercise workout combines kickboxing, strength training, plyometrics and core work.  Class is designed for individuals who want a get pushed and work hard core.

    Not into dance based workouts?  Then this workout is for you!  Motivating instructors will coach you through a ride that includes climbs, hills, & sprints.  This class is for all levels.

    Cycle & Core
    An intense ride that includes flats, hills and sprints followed by a sculpting ab workout.

    Eagle Fit 360 Conditioning
    This class incorporates high intensity intermittent training in a Tabatta style work to rest ratio. All the exercises programmed are simple movements with low risk of injury. However beware, these workouts are calorie hungry and are guaranteed to satisfy the largest of fitness workout appetites.

    Eagle Fit 360 Strength and Conditioning
    The focus with this class is proper program execution which includes exercise technique, tempo, intensity, and rest. Improvements in strength and some additional muscle mass should be expected. In addition, participants will experience team building to maximize workout efficiency.

    Guts & Glutes
    Want a tighter booty and toned abs?   Than this is the class for you!  Utilizing exercise balls, bands and hand held weights, we will perform specific exercises that target  these two areas, helping you to develop sculpted abs and a firmer booty.

    Pilates focuses on core strength while you tighten and tone your whole body.  Traditional Pilates with a mix of total body strengthening exercises improves your posture, creates muscle balance, and improves your range of motion.

    Power Yoga
    An energetic vinyasa flow class that heats you up from the inside out!  Dynamic sun salutations interwoven with poses to improve your strength, stamina and flexibility. Peel back the layers of stress and make that mind, body, spirit connection.

    Strong & Sleek
    Develop long lean muscles and strong core by attending this class that incorporates handheld weights, resistance bands and core strengthening exercises.

    Total Body Tabata®
    A 30-minute high intensity interval workout that incorporates 20 seconds of high intensity microburst exercises followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This high intensity interval training is a total body conditioning workout that scorches calories and can burn 5X more calories post workout giving you results.

    Create sleek abs, toned arms, firmer legs and a yoga booty!   Yogalates is a total body conditioning workout that combines flowful yoga and traditional and innovative Pilates.

    Zumba® is a fusion of Latin and International music - dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.  Zumba® utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning.  It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.

    Zumba® & Abs
    Groove & sweat to pulsing Latin beats followed by sizzling abs!