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  • List of equipment

    Strength Center

    Equipment in the Strength Center

    5 Squat racks 
    4 Olympic lifting platforms, bars and bumper plates (2 sets of Eleiko)
    4 Multi-angle pressing stations (flat to upright) 
    4 pieces of selectorized machine 
    2 Leg Presses
    3 Cable Cross-over stations
    8 handle accessories 
    2 Adjustable step-ups 
    Med balls
    Calf/squat machine
    Preacher Curl
    3 sets of Dumbbells
    5-50 lbs.
    5-75 lbs. 
    5-120 lbs. 

    1 set of Kettlebells (5-25 lbs.)
    2 flat benches
    4 adjustable benches
    1 decline bench
    Fat bars, EZ Curl bars, Trap bars, bands, and chains

    Upper Level Equipment List

    A 10 piece selectorized machine circuit 
    Core area 
    Functional trainer
    7 Abd/Low back pieces
    Dip/Pullup Station
    Stretch trainer
    6 Woodway Curve Treadmills 

    3 motorized Treadmills
    25 Ellipticals 
    1 Concept II Rower (same)
    2 Precor Stepper 
    1 Heavy Bag (same)
    Multi-Station (same)
    Stretching mats (new)