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     To apply for the graphic designer position, follow the steps below as all applicants must successfully submit an application and one recommendation form.  This position is open until filled.  To apply:

    1.  Successfully complete and submit the electronic application for the graphic designer position.
    2.  Send the link for the recommendation form to a current or former coach, instructor, advisor, residence hall director, or supervisor.  Applicants are responsible for sending link and for ensuring recommendation is submitted successfully.  Only one recommendation form will be accepted.

    Intramural officials play a significant role in the success of the Recreational Sports Department as the front-line staff members interacting directly with over 3,300 intramural participants.  Without quality, dedicated, hard-working officials, the program would not be able to meet and exceed the expectations of our participants.  We strive to provide officials with the best available training and thorough evaluations throughout the season to help them become the strongest official possible.  For more information, check out the officiating page.