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  • Special Events Schedule

    The Recreational Sports Department's Special Events program offers a variety of unique recreation and sporting events throughout the year. There is something for everyone and activities include: tournaments,skill competitions, road races, endurance challenges, and mini carnivals held in the R.E.C. Try new activities, win prizes, meet new friends, and have a blast with us!


    Night On the Slopes

    Date: Friday, February 13th

    Location: Mt. La Crosse

    Event Description: What is one of the best things to do during the winter months? If you answered skiing or snowboarding do we have an event for you! Bring your friends with you for an exciting and memorable night skiing or snowboarding the slopes of Mt. La Crosse!

    Sports Trivia

    Date: February 9th, 10th, and 11th: Championship Night: Thursday, February 12th

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center Lobby

    Cost: FREE

    Event Description: Do you think of yourself as a sports trivia buff? Do you enjoy finding out facts about sports and sharing that information with all your friends? Come test your knowledge of sports at the Sports Trivia contest. Teams of 2-4 students will make up a team. This event is a week long, with lightening rounds happening Monday-Wednesday nights, the top 2 teams of each night move onto the championship night (Thursday, February 12th) for all the marbles. Best thing about the Sports Trivia contest is that it is free! All registration is happening on IM Leagues starting at 7:00am on January 26th until 12 noon on February 6th.

    Indoor Triathlon

    Date: Saturday, March 7th

    Location: Mitchell Hall

    Event Description: The UW-L Indoor Triathlon is moving into its seventh year with the Recreational Sports Department! This event provides experienced and beginner multi-sport athletes an opportunity to put their endurance to the test. Indoor Triathlons are unique events that require participants to swim, bike, and run for a predetermined amount of time instead of distance. Scores are determined by combining the overall distance one travels during the three legs of the race.

    Paddle Battles

    Date: Wednesday, March 25th, 6:00PM

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center

    Event Description: Come join us for the double paddle battle taking place on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:00PM


    Date: The Battle Begins Again.... April 10th, 2015

    Location: Mitchell Hall Pool

    Event Description: Did you enjoy playing battleship as a kid? If so, watch it come alive in the Mitchell Hall Pool. Four person teams use buckets and other tools to "attack" other canoes with water until the competing team's canoe is sunk and/or they tip over. The last canoe floating is the winner team of that heat. Teams may also use tools to block water from coming into their canoe. To move their canoe, teams must use their hands, buckets, or other water tools. Up to 6 canoes will be in the pool at one time. Teams will compete in heats and the winning one or two teams per heat will advance.

    Bag Toss Tournament 

    Date: May 8, 2015

    Location: Drake Fields

    Description: Grab a friend and head on over to our Spring Bag Toss event. Take a break from studying for your exams and enter one last chance to win an Intramural Championship t-shirt! Registration will be available on IMLeagues; pre-registration only! Winners receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt and their picture in the Intramural Hall of Fame.

    Spring Golf Scramble

    Date: TBD

    Location: Forrest Hills Golf Course

    Description: Join us at Forrest Hills Golf Course for 9 holes of golf, prizes, and competitions. Clubs and golf carts are available for rental at the course. Club rental is $7.00 per person and cart rental is 7.50 a person. This event is fun for everyone! Register online at IMLeagues! 


    Moonlight Mile

    Date: TBD: Month of August

    Location: Hoeschler Clock Tower

    Cost: FREE

    Event Description: Join over 1,000 of your fellow students as we start the year off right at the Moonlight Fun Run taking place during Welcome Weekend. The Moonlight Fun Run starts at the Hoeschler Clock Tower and ends under the lights of the Vetran Memorial Stadium Football Field. Pre-registration is taking place for this event at Whitney tables during the lunch and dinner hours. Don't worry you can still register to run right before the race. All participants will receive free glowsticks and giveaway items at the end of the race.


    Date: TBD Month of September

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center 

    Cost: FREE

    Event Description: What a great way to find out all the opportunities the Recreational Eagle Center can provide you throughout your college career by attending RECFest! RECfest features games and activities for students to get acquainted with the 21 Sport Clubs, Outdoor Connection, Intramural Sports, Strength Center, Group Fitness, and many additional programs that run through the Recreational Eagle Center. Please come dressed comfortably and ready to participate!

    Sandblast 4's Volleyball Tournament 

    Date: TBD: Month of September

    Location: Reuter, Hutch, Drake, Coate Sand Volleyball Courts

    Cost: $25 per team

    Event Description: There is no better way to spend a fall Saturday than with your feet in the sand! Co-Rec teams can sign up on IMLeagues for this double elimination 4's volleyball tournament. Registration for the event goes on until Thursday, September 11th at 6:00PM Tournament winners will receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt and their picture in the Intramural Hall of Champions.


    Date: TBD: End of September

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center

    Cost: FREE

    Event Description: Enjoy food, prizes, blacklight climbing, and laser tag! RECtoberfest is co-sponsored by C.A.B, UW-L Reslife, University Centers, and Viterbo University!

    Fall Golf Scramble

    Date: TBD: Month of September

    Location: Forrest Hills Golf Course 

    Cost: $15 per person for 9 holes of golf

    Event Description: Join us at Forrest Hills Golf Course for 9 holes of golf, prizes, and competitions. Clubs and golf carts are available for rental at the course. Club rental is $7.00 per person and cart rental is 7.50 a person. This event is fun for everyone! Register today online at IMLeagues. 

    Paddle Battle 

    Date: TBD: One of two throughout the semester

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center

    Description:  Do you love playing table tennis, do you want to test you skills? Come duke it out at the Fall Paddle Battle challenge. This event is free for all students, all you have to do is register yourself on IMLeagues before the event starts. Registration on IMleagues closes at noon the day of the event. All paddle battles will take place in the Recreational Eagle Center on Basketball Court 1. The winners of the Paddle Battle win Intramural Championship Shirts!

    Run With the Chancellor 5K

    Date: TBD: Month of October during Family Weekend 

    Location: Race start at the Hoeschler Clock Tower

    Cost: FREE for Students and Families 

    Description:Looking for a fun event to do with your family and friends during UW-L Family Weekend?  Please join the  Recreational Sports department and Chancellor Gow in the Run With The Chancellor 5K Fun Run. The event starts at 9:00AM at the Hoeschler Clock Tower  

    City Championship 6's Volleyball Tournament 

    Date: TBD: Month of October

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center

    Cost: $25 per team

    Description:Have you always wanted to play Intramural Volleyball with your friends at Western TC or Viterbo and never had the opportunity to? Well if you have ever asked yourself that question, we have the solution for you! The City Championship allows participants from Western TC, Viterbo, and UW-La Crosse to play together in one tournament. Whether your a team from one of the colleges that wants to find new competition or if you want to make a team with players from all schools this tournament is for you! The tournament starts at 10:00AM at the Recreational Eagle Center. Winners of the tournament receive a specialized City Championship t-shirt .

    21st Annual Turkey Trot

    Date: TBD: Month of November Race Starts: 9:00AM

    Location: Recreational Eagle Center

    Description:It's one of the largest 5k road races in the La Crosse area and a popular Thanksgiving tradition for many. Join us November 2015 for this fabulous 5k predicted fun run and walk. 


    Want to volunteer with the Recreational Sports department?? A great way to do that is through the special events our program puts on throughout the year. If interested, please complete the following survey!