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  • What to expect

    First, you will complete a questionnaire and have a 1-on-1 consultation with a Certified Trainer to identify your fitness objectives.

    Based off of these objectives, your Certified Trainer will design an individualized program to maximize results.

    Now the real work begins. Your Certified Trainer will introduce exercises, instruct proper technique, motivate, encourage, and challenge you throughout each session.

    You will get out what you put into it!


    Program Only $25 [receive program only, no instruction]

    Program and review $30 [receive program and review of the exercises and how to do them]

    Program Plus Instruction $35 [receive program and 1 session of personal training]

    3 sessions $60

    5 sessions $95

    10 sessions (Initial) $175 additional package; 10 sessions $165

    10 sessions (initial) partner training $100 additional package;10 sessions partner training $90

    Sign-up and talk with our staff to see what is the best option for you!