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  • Catalog resources

    In 2014, the UWL undergraduate and graduate catalogs were published using a catalog software tool called Leepfrog. The new catalogs have the same look and feel as the UWL website. The catalogs have many new features including the opportunity to showcase departments, programs, and majors using an overview tab. This tab could include a description to interest perspective students and the public. 

    Catalog cycle

    The goal is to publish both catalogs to the UWL website the first week in June. This has started a new cycle of publishing both catalogs every year instead of every other year.

    Catalog approval process

    The Records and Registration curriculum team has carefully reviewed content in the new catalogs and corrected any errors found. The catalog editors/publishers need to take a careful look and verify that the information on the pages is accurate. In the past, we have handled this process manually by mailing a hard copy of each department's catalog text to review, edit and approve using a red pen. Going forward, we will be using an electronic workflow process built into the catalog software. We hope you find it easy to use. 

    Catalog page approval/workflow: The roles of page editors and publishers were created for each department/office that controls catalog content. The workflow process is based on these two catalog roles. The editor of the page starts the workflow process by entering any changes and then clicking the workflow button. The publisher then approves the page. 

    When role information was created, assumptions were made as to who would be in roles of editor and publisher. Department ADAs were added as department page(s) editors. Department chairs were added as department page(s) editors and publishers.  If the current assignments are not correct and/or departments want to add additional users in each roles, email with the changes. A department chair's emailed approval is needed for any role changes or updates. Please note, however, that no matter how many individual users are in each editor or publisher role, it only takes one user to approve a page. 

    Committee approval: All curriculum and policy edits must go through the proper governance process and still need UCC or GCC approval. This has not changed. Any edits to curriculum or policy that have not been approved by the necessary governance will not be accepted or published.

    The deadline for catalog edits is the second to the last curriculum committee meeting.  

    Getting started

    Navigate to and log in to start editing. The Records and Registration curriculum team created the below training materials to help assist with catalog edits. Leepfrog also has a great online Help link within the editor toolbar available after logging into the software. 

    Document resources

    Quick guide to page editor (quick reference guide to help edit pages)
    Style guide for catalog edits (reference guide to ensure pages are consistent catalog-wide)

    Video resources
    How to log in to the next catalog (tutorial on how to log into the next catalog site and get familiar with the layout) 

    How to add, edit or delete an overview tab in your catalog web page (tutorial on how to manage overview tabs in the next catalog)

    Records and Registration curriculum team
    At any time, if you have any questions or need any help with this new process, please feel free to email the catalog mailbox or contact:

    Sue Knudson (608.785.8954)
    Victoria Rahn (608.785.8577)
    Chris Bakkum (608.785.8577)