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  • Grades

    Grade submission deadlines

    Official grades are submitted at the end of each term and are available to students through the WINGS Student Center. The college takes academic action at the end of each semester if a student fails to meet requirements. Grades are not mailed. For your information, students with unsatisfactory grades are expected to seek counseling and help with their studies from available resources including instructor(s), advisor(s), and department tutors. Student services staff, particularly Counseling and Testing Center personnel, will provide assistance on a confidential basis. Freshmen, especially, are encouraged to seek help at the earliest sign of academic difficulty. The university assumes that students will communicate regularly with interested parties (e.g. parents) with respect to academic status and progress.

    2016-2017 Academic Year

    SUMMER I grades are due:  8:00 am  August 17, 2016
    SUMMER II grades are due:  8:00 am August 17, 2016
    SUMMER III grades are due:  8:00 am  August 17, 2016
    FALL grades are due:   8:00 am  December 29, 2016
    WINTER INTERSESSION grades are due:  8:00 am January 27, 2017
    SPRING grades are due:   8:00 am May 19, 2017

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