Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TSL)


(All colleges) —25 credits
Language requirements- Proficiency in a foreign language demonstrated through completion of 102-level course work or equivalent experience, and proficiency in English demonstrated by a grade of B or better in one of the following courses: ENG 110, 303, 306.

Core (16 credits) – TSL 400, ENG 332, MLG 340 or ENG 432; TSL 450 (four credits), CI 463. Electives in the following areas: (nine credits from three or more departments. Courses used for General Education will not apply to TESOL minor.)

Education majors in French/German/Spanish, EC-A certification track: EDS 408; one course from language studies; and one course from cultural studies.

All other TESOL minors: one course from language studies; one course from cultural studies; and three credits from language studies, cultural studies or additional electives.

  • Language studies: ENG 334, PHL 311, PSY 436, SPE 431.
  • Cultural studies: ANT 350, CST 332, PSY 360, PSY 282, TSL 425.
  • Additional electives: ANT/ECO/GEO/HIS/POL/SOC 202; ANT/SOC 354; CST 317; EFN 465, 475 (depending on topic), 486, 495; ERS/SOC 280; FRE 220; GEO 312,318, 328, 331; HED 486; HIS 240, 250, 306, 336, 342, 345, 349, 385; INS 250, 251, 252; MGT 360; MLG 455 (depending on topic); PHL 230, 345, 349, 401; POL 330, 333, 336, 337, 338, 339; PSY 285; SOC 480; SPA 321; TSL 350 (depending on the topic), 498 (depending on the topic); WGS 410.

Teacher certification – to teach English language learners in public schools, a student must complete requirements in professional education, complete a certifiable major and TESOL, minor pass the ESL Praxis II exam and the Praxis II exam(s) for the certifiable major(s), and student teach English language learners at appropriate levels.

Also see English as a Second Language Institute.

TSL 350 Cr. 1-6
TSL Program Development

This course is designed for teachers or prospective teachers working toward teacher certification or re-certification in ESL. Program topics, which focus on special needs of ESL learners and teachers, include methods, curriculum development, culture, language acquisition, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and sociopolitical concerns. Repeatable for credit-- maximum 12.

TSL 400/500 Cr. 3
Program Models for Second Language Acquisition

An introduction to program models that contribute to successful second language acquisition. Topics include the history of bilingual and ESL education policies and practices in the U.S., second language acquisition (SLA) theory, effective program models and instructional approaches, and second language assessment tools. Prerequisite: admission to teacher education program or completion of the INS 250/251/252 study abroad series or one course from the following: ANT 350; CST 332; MLG 340; ENG 332, 334, 432; PHL 311; PSY 282, 360, 436; TSL 425. Offered Spring.

TSL 425/525 Cr. 3
Global Issues in TESOL

The study of global English, cross-cultural second language proficiency standards, and sociopolitical issues related to educational practices. Students explore relationships between teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and current events in three or more world regions. Prerequisites: admission to teacher education program or the INS 250/251/252 study abroad series or one course from the following: ANT 350; CST 332; CI 463; ENG 332, 334, 432; MLG 340; PHL 311; PSY 282, 436; TSL 400. Offered occasionally.

TSL 450/550 Cr. 1-12
TESOL National/International
Intern Program

Practical experience tutoring or teaching non-native speakers of English. Examples of sites are adult literacy programs, after-school enrichment programs, university-level ESL programs, and EFL programs abroad. Prerequisite: junior standing, consent of TESOL coordinator, ENG 110, CST 110. Repeatable for credit - maximum 12. Pass/Fail grading. Offered occasionally.

TSL 498 Cr. 1-3
Independent Study

Field work, research, individual projects in a specific area related to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Registration with the consent of instructor and the department chairperson. Prerequisite: junior standing. Repeatable for credit – maximum six. Offered occasionally.