1. Credits taken on a P/F basis will not be averaged into a grade point average if “P” is filed by the instructor. The credits will count as credits earned. An “F” will be averaged in and will be counted as credits attempted.

  2. Specific courses are approved for pass/fail grading. Students do not have the option to request to take a graded course on a P/F basis.

  3. A maximum of 21 credits of P/F course work can be used toward an undergraduate degree.

  4. Students should realize that P/F graded courses might not be accepted in transfer to other institutions of higher learning. Professional schools are especially reluctant to accept P/F graded course work.

Some employers, principals, and/or superintendents may be unable to acknowledge credits or reward employees, especially graduate students working on advanced degrees, when course work has been taken under the P/F grading system.