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College of Business Administration


International Business Major

International Business Major (College of Business Administration) 36-52 credits - This program requires language proficiency, completion of the international business major requirements, a functional business concentration and an international experience.

Language Requirement
This major requires demonstrated proficiency at the intermediate level in a second language. This can be accomplished either by completing prescribed courses or by demonstrating proficiency as determined by the Department of Modern Languages. Language proficiency would generally be acquired through the study of a language up to and including the MLG 202 level with grades of 'C' or better in each course. (Students whose native language is not English will meet this requirement through demonstrated proficiency via TOEFL or departmental exam.)

Majors must also complete an out-of-country international experience of at least 3 weeks duration prior to graduation. The international experience must be pre-approved by the College of Business Administration International Business Advisory Committee. Students should apply for approval at least one semester before the planned experience. The advisory committee will determine the credit value of the experience. For non U.S. based students this requirement is met through the satisfactory completion of all required course work.

Required Courses: 24 credits - ANT/ECO/GEO/HIS/POL/SOC 202; ECO 340; FIN 440; MKT 341; MGT 360; BUS 405 and two courses from elective choices: ECO 311, 375, 440; FIN 477; MKT 440, 445; MGT 408, 430, 431, 484; up to three credits in international internship IB 450; up to three credits in independent study IB 499. No credits from the functional business concentration may be double counted toward the IB major. Completion of a concentration of 12 credits at the 300 level or above in one of the seven business majors (see departmental listings for available courses): Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning and Risk and Insurance, Information Systems, Management and Marketing.

International Business Minor

(All colleges)  Students, especially non-business majors, must pay careful attention to the prerequisites for the professional business courses as stated in the course descriptions. Additional prerequisites total 18-24 credits.

Required Courses: 21 credits – ANT/ECO/GEO/HIS/POL/SOC 202, ECO 340; FIN 440; MGT 360; MKT 341; two courses from BUS 405, ECO 311, 375, 440; FIN 477, MGT 408, 430, 431, 484; MKT 440, 445; electives may include up to three credits in international internship 450/452; up to three in independent study ACC/ECO/FIN/IS/MGT/MKT 499.

In addition to the 21 credits required above, eight credits in modern language (one year in the same language) is required. This is waived for students whose native language is not English. 

A maximum of three credits can be applied to a student's College of Business Administration major.


+ next to a course number indicate a GENERAL EDUCATION course

IB  450  Cr.1 - 6

International Business Internship

The internship program as conceived and implemented is an unusual program designed to provide an opportunity for students in the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to participate in an approved program with a cooperating international business, governmental or civic organization for usually 15 weeks of their undergraduate work. For additional information, see internship description under the College of Business Administration heading. Repeatable for credit-maximum 6. Prerequisite: ACC 221, ACC 222, BUS 205, BUS 230, ECO 110, ECO 120, FIN 355, IS 220, MGT 308, MKT 309; admission to business; senior standing. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

IB  499  Cr.1 - 3

Independent Study

Individual reading or research under the guidance of a staff member. Open to selected advanced students who have excellent records in the International Business major. Registration with the consent of the student's faculty adviser and the IBAC chairperson. Approval forms available from the Dean's Office; completion of form required prior to registration. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6.  Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.