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College of Science and Health
Contact: Carla Burkhardt
205 Graff Main Hall, 608.785.8156
e-mail: cburkhardt@uwlax.edu






+ next to a course number indicate a GENERAL EDUCATION course

+SAH  105  Cr.3

Analysis of Health, Wellness and Disease for the Health Care Consumer

In our technological world, health research and information is expanding rapidly and has become readily available to consumers. As life-long consumers of this information and health care services, students need to be able to understand the principles on which healthcare is based and to interpret this information in its application to their personal, family and community situations. This course uses an inquiry- based format to consider topics in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cancer, communicable disease, contraception and sexually transmitted disease, chronic diseases, environmental impacts on health, recreation, fitness, epidemiology and disease prevention.   Offered Fall, Spring.

SAH  160  Cr.1

Keys to Success for the Science Major

Students in this course will explore the role of science in society as well as in their personal lives. The course will provide an orientation to the study of science, math, and computer science including academic, internship, and research opportunities that are available at UW-L. Students will also learn about careers in these areas and how to become viable candidates for employment, graduate school, or professional school. Prerequisite: one semester of college course work, and freshman or sophomore standing. Eleven-week course.   Offered Spring.

+SAH  307  Cr.3

Changing the Culture, Women in Science (ES)

This course will focus on the relationship between science and culture, specifically with regard to women. A comprehensive approach will be taken to explore both women's roles in science and women as objects of scientific investigation. Issues that will be addressed include cultural and historical attitudes toward women in science, cultural and historical barriers fought against and overcome by women, and contributions of women to multiple scientific disciplines. Women as objects of psychological and physiological investigation will be explored, and knowledge will be applied to an assessment of how cultural and gender biases have impacted women's health and lives. Prerequisite: junior standing.  Offered Spring.