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    Academic policies

    Undergraduate students should read the Undergraduate Catalog thoroughly for information pertaining to requirements for undergraduate studies, specific programs, academic policies and university policies.

    Note: Not all policies are applicable to undergraduate and graduate students alike.


    Undergraduates may drop/add classes via WINGS Student Center from the time they register to the fifth day of the semester. After the fifth day of the semester, undergraduates need the instructor's signature to drop/add a course. Please bring the signed drop/add form to Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for other academic policies and start-up information.


    Undergraduate students may check out textbooks from Textbook Rental Services, located in Cartwright. Undergraduate students pay a textbook rental segregated fee each semester as part of their tuition to support the textbook rental program.


    Official grades are submitted at the end of each term and are available to students through the online WINGS Student Center. The college takes academic action at the end of each semester if a student fails to meet requirements. Grades are not mailed. Students with unsatisfactory grades are expected to seek counseling and help with their studies. Available resources include the instructor(s), adviser, and department tutors. Student services staff, particularly Counseling and Testing Center personnel, will provide assistance on a confidential basis. First year students, especially, are encouraged to seek help at the earliest sign of academic difficulty. The university assumes that students will communicate regularly with interested parties (e.g. parents) with respect to academic status and progress.


    Undergraduate students file an application to graduate using their WINGS Student Information Center. Students should apply for graduation immediately after registering for their final semester. December and Winter Intersession graduates must file by May 1; May and Summer graduates must file by December 1. On your WINGS Student Center page, open the drop-down box and click 'Apply for Graduation'. You will need to click 'Apply for Graduation' again under your program, and then follow the prompts.

    Students are responsible for making sure all requirements for the degree have been met. While efforts are made to assess the accuracy of your Advisement Report (AR), your Dean's office confirms whether or not your degree is complete, and authorizes awarding of your degree. Be sure to confirm final degree requirements in your Dean's Office prior to registering for your final year. This can be done by making an appointment for a credit check.

    Once undergraduate students reach 95 credits, they are automatically billed a one-time graduation fee. This fee covers the cost of graduation and commencement, and is assessed whether or not a student chooses to attend the ceremony. An additional cap and gown fee is paid at the bookstore when caps and gowns are picked up the week before the ceremony. 

    UW-La Crosse has a spring (May) and winter (December) commencement ceremony held at the La Crosse Center. Attendance at the commencement ceremonies is optional. Tickets are not required for guests to attend the commencement ceremony. However, it is recommended that students limit the number of guests to no more than six. The venue reaches full capacity with standing room only. 

    Associate: If you wish to apply for an Associate Degree or are in a Certificate program, you will need to fill out a form in the Records and Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall. The graduation fee for an associate degree is $10 and will need to be paid when you submit the form. The Records office can only accept cash or check. 
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