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  • Angell Hall

    Welcome to Angell Hall!

    Angell Hall Fast Facts:
    Mailing Address:
    Room #, Letter, Angell Hall
    422 N 14th Street
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    Angell Hall Front Desk:
    (608) 789-2100
    Angell Hall Director:
    (608) 785-8081
    Angell Hall Duty Phone:
    (608) 498-7960

    Angell Hall is cube-style residence hall that is home to approximately 400 students; including a combination of first-year and upperclass residents. Cube-style residence halls are comprised of two or three, four story cube-shaped buildings, interconnected by hallways between the cubes, and is single-sexed by floor. Resident rooms comprise the outside walls of the structure, and surround a common stairwell and shared bathroom space. The term traditional means that residents in this building live in standard double rooms, with a shared bathroom facility. Angell Hall has plenty of space for studying and socializing and also has a quiet study, an open exercise room, a game room (with a pool table and foosball table), and a computer lab.

    The front desk in Angell Hall offers not only mail and package deliveries (mailboxes are located in the basement), but also pizzas for sale and rentable cleaning, cooking, and entertainment supplies. Best of all, Angell Hall is just across the street from Whitney Dining Center and the student health center.

    Rena Angell
    • Taught at UW-L from 1912-1951 (39 years)
    • Department: Art (courses included Drawing, Art Apprec, Applied Art, Industrial Art, and Rural Handiwork
    • Angell was a VERY popular teacher and her classes always filled up fast. Students enjoyed her tenacious personality and attention to detail
    • Was originally going to leave La Crosse Normal School to accept a teaching position at Miami University (Ohio) after 1 year, but President Fassett Cotton convinced her to stay
    • By 1950, her hands were so crippled she couldn’t hold a paint brush. That didn’t stop Rena from painting though! She would hold the brush between her teeth and paint away
    • Was the longtime advisor for Lambda Sigma Chi sorority (disbanded in 1984 as Delta Zeta)
    Hall Photos

    Loft Pictures

    Sample Loft
    Possible arrangement - Top height of bed with desk underneath
    Loft With Dimensions
    Outside Dimensions of Lofts 
    Loft Height Options
    Loft height options

    Outside the hall

    Angell South Side
    East Side
    Angell South Side
    West Side
    Angell South Side
    South Side
    Angell North Side
    North Side
    Angell East Side
    East Side
    Angell East Side
    East Side

    Inside the hall

    Angel Basement Lounge
    Lounge Area 
    Angel Basement Lounge
    Lounge Area
    Angell Computer Lab
    Computer Lab
    Angell Game Room
    Game Room
    Angell Kitchen
    Community Kitchen
    Angell Mail Room
    Angell Study
    Group study in the basement
    Angell Floor Plan
    Floor Plan

    Room Pictures

    Angell Room Bed
    Angell Room Bed
    Angell Room TV
    Angell Room TV
    Angell Room Full
    Angell Room Full
    Hall Amenities

    Traditional double rooms

    Traditional Doubles are two-person rooms in all halls except Eagle and Reuter Halls. Room dimensions are typically 15'6" long x 11'6" wide x 8' high. Traditional Double Diagram

    Traditional triple rooms

    Traditional Triples are three-person corner rooms in our cube halls, -Angell, Coate, Drake and Hutchison Halls. These rooms are 20' long x 10'8" wide. Traditional Triple Diagram

    Traditional Hall Furniture Dimensions

    • Closet: 2'2" deep x 3'6" wide, 7'6" high
    • Desk: 2' long x 3'6" wide, 28.5" high
    • Dresser" 19" deep, 27" wide, 42" high
    • Bed Frame/Mattress: 79" long x 33" wide
    • Bed Legs: 8.5" high
    • Window: 44" high x 79" wide (includes frame)
      * All windows have drapes.
    • Refrigerator: 19" wide x 34" high x 18" deep

    Bed size

    Mattresses in the residence halls are extra long (36" x 80"). RHAC has partnered with Residence Hall Linens (RHL) to provide students with a convenient and affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities. Proceeds from this program go to the RHAC and are used for programs in the residence halls. Please visit the linens website at the following link:


    Each resident room is furnished with a bed, desk, bookshelf, dresser, towel racks, and closet for each resident. Rooms also come with bed-lofting parts, mini-refrigerator/freezer, trash and recycle bins, cable TV services, outlets, and cords, and internet ports.


    Each cube/wing contains a single-sex bathroom with showers, sinks, and toilets. Our team of Housekeepers clean the restrooms each weekday during posted hours. Each in hall, there is one Gender Inclusive Restroom that is open for anybody to use, regardless of their gender identity, expression, or lack thereof.


    Each residence hall comes equipped with a well-stocked laundry facility with multiple machines for washing and drying. The laundry room in this building is located in the basement. Students may use the laundry systems by swiping their student ID and using campus cash, NOT by using coins or cash. For information about campus cash, please visit:


    Located between each cube are lounges to provide areas for socializing or studying. Each lounge has tables, chairs, and couches to accommodate your needs. Located in the basement are multiple lounge spaces, with specified study and socialization rooms.


    There is a kitchen located in the basement of each hall with ovens/stoves, a microwave, large refrigerator, and sink. If you are interested in making a home-cooked meal, this is the place to go! Cooking utensils and supplies are available at the front desk.

    Computer Lab

    Each hall features a computer lab which is maintained by Residence Life Information Services. Check with your front desk to get a key!


    Wireless connectivity is available throughout all of the Residence Halls. In addition, students have access to wired connections in their rooms. To utilize the wired service, students may purchase an Ethernet/Internet cord through the front desk of each Residence Hall. Additional information regarding in-room connections is available from Residence Life Information Services (RLIS) by contacting

    Other Amenities:

    Angell Hall also offers a game room (with pool, foosball, and ping pong tables), computer lab, 24-hour quiet study, exercise room, and a sprawling public area in the basement with large HD TV. The front desk has a wealth of supplies, ranging from cooking supplies, a DVD player, cleaning supplies, and even an XBOX 360 with Kinect!