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  • Guide for moving-in and moving-out

    Welcome to the Residence Halls at UW-L!
     We look forward to your arrival!
    Move In Dates

    Fall 2014 move in dates are as follows:

    08/28/2014 thru 08/30/2014
    Please continue to check your e-mail for specific instructions on your move in date and time. The chart below indicates your specific hall's move in date and timeframe by hall.

    Hall Date of your move in: When you can move in:
    Angell Hall Saturday, August 30th First Year Students - 9am - 1pm 
    Returners - 1pm - 4pm 
    Coate Hall Friday, August 29th
    9am - 3pm
    Drake Hall Saturday, August 30th First Year Students - 9am - 1pm
    Returners - 1pm - 4pm
    Eagle Hall Friday, August 29th
    First Year Students - 9am - 3pm
    Saturday, August 30th Returners - 9am - 3pm
    Hutchsion Hall Friday, August 29th First Year Students - 9am - 1pm 
    Returners - 1pm - 4pm
    Laux Hall Friday, August 29th 9am - 1pm
    Reuter Hall Thursday, August 28th
    9am - 3pm
    Sanford Hall Saturday, August 30th First Year Students - 9am - 1pm
    Returners - 1pm - 4pm
    Wentz Hall Friday, August 29th First Year Students - 9am - 1pm
    Returners - 1pm - 4pm
    White Hall Friday, August 29th 9am - 1pm

    Winter and Spring move in dates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the Office of Residence Life. Please contact us to set up a time.

    Traffic Patterns/Campus Maps/Parking for Move In

    To make our campus more accessible and to make sure your move in goes smoother, we change our traffic patterns and street flow for move in weekend. Depending on your move in date and hall, specific areas will be designated for unloading your belongings when you arrive on campus. Each area has time restrictions, so please unload quickly and move your car as soon as possible to make room for others.

    To see further details for your hall, please click on your hall name below for a PDF instruction sheet. These instructions will give you a map of campus, tell you how to approach campus, where to drive, where to unload, and where to park your vehicle.

    What to Bring and What NOT to Bring

    Check out this list of suggested items to bring to the Residence Halls:

    Below is a link to a list of things that you are NOT permitted to bring to the Residence Halls.

    For a detailed listing of furnishings provided in your room, please go to your specific hall page by clicking on the "Residence Halls" tab in the menu.

    Here is what what residents used to bring and what they bring now.


    Old Move in


    Current Move in
    Want To Help Out!

    Are you or a group looking to assist with helping others move into their dorms. We always love to get help from Students and Student Organizations. If you are interested helping with Move-In, please consider the following questions and then contact Chris Dziekan at

    • How many days your group is willing to help? Friday? Saturday? Both?
    • How many folks can help each day and at what time(s)?
    • Who I can contact if someone doesn't show up for a shift?
    • Are folks available to work anywhere or is there a specific hall the group would like to work with? We would prefer flexibility as only so many groups can help out in Eagle.
    Get Connected!

    Need help connecting to the internet? Check out the following page for instructions on getting online with the campus network.

    Thank you for spending your year with us!
    Move Out Dates

    The Spring 2015 Move Out Date is:

    May 16, 2015 by 6:00 PM

    24 Hour Policy: Residents will be asked to vacate their space within 24 hours after their last final exam. If you believe you require an exception, please contact your Hall Director.  

    Other Move Outs: For move outs during any point of the semester, outside of the regularly expected timeframe, please consult with your Hall Director.

    Cleaning Up and Checking Out

    The details of your check out procedure will be provided by your Hall Director prior to your check out. Generally, all students will be required to do the following before their check out of their rooms:

    • Remove ALL belongings from your room
    • Clean room to the condition it was when you moved in

    Cleaning items and other tools can be checked out at your front desk. If you have questions about this cleaning process, please check with your Hall Director. 

    Please consult the following helpful video guides for more tips on how to have a successful check out:

    Damage Details
    To get a better idea of the costs associated with damaged rooms, please look over the following pricing guides:

    Note: Not all areas of damage will be listed on this sheet. Uncommon damages and those not listed on this sheet will be reviewed by your Hall Director and the Director of Facilities.