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  • Laux Hall

    Welcome to Laux Hall- Where we put the U in LAX!

    Laux Hall Fast Facts:
    Mailing Address:
    Room #, Letter, Laux Hall
    622 East Avenue N. Street
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    Laux Hall Front Desk:
    (608) 789-2400
    Laux Hall Director:
    Laux Hall Duty Phone:
    (608) 498-7965

    Laux Hall is one of three First-Year Experience (FYE) buildings at UW-La Crosse. Built in 1964, this coed by floor building supports approximately 250 first-year students in 113 traditional-style residential rooms. As an FYE hall, special academic and programmatic services are offered to meet the unique needs of first-year students.

    Laux Hall is a traditional, wing-style, FYE residence hall. Most residents have one or two roommates with whom they share a bedroom. Wing residence halls have long running hallways with student rooms on either side. The term traditional means that residents in this building live in standard double rooms, with a shared bathroom facility, and on floors that are single-sexed.

    As part of the FYE initiative, Laux Hall has its very own Academic Advisor in the building! Each year, the Academic Advising Center places a graduate student in each FYE building. This person has office hours each day of the week and is the primary advisor for all undeclared or undecided students in the building. However, the Academic Advisor is available to answer any academically-related questions and issues from anyone. From deciding on a major, to exploring J-term and Summer class options, to changing majors: Laux's Academic Advisor is here to help! Their office is located in the basement of Laux and is a short walk away from any room in the building.

    Laux Hall is also home to a Learning and Enrichment Coordinator (LEC). In all FYE buildings, the LEC works to meet the specific needs of first-year students as they transition academically, socially, and personally to the college environment. From study groups to Leadership Institutes to Life Skills seminars, the LEC promotes growth opportunities to all residents throughout the year.

    William Laux

    • Taught from 1923-1963
    • Departments: History (Greek, Roman, and Medieval History) and Modern Languages (particularly Spanish)
    • During World War 1, Laux joined the Air Force and became on the very first pilots in America, practicing with biplanes. Sadly, he would never see action or fly a plane in Europe, as the Armistice was signed just before he was shipped off.
    • Gave up flying because “it was an addiction. You’re alone…makes you feel like a super human”
    • He traveled to Colombia to be the secretary and translator for a plantation owner. This is where his love of languages and history came alive!
    • Eventually returned to America and took a teaching job here at La Crosse
    • He was said to “make history come alive” for students, and was very popular
    • Served as the Chair of the History Department, Director of Special Students (Disability Resource Center) and was the 1st Director of the Division of Letters and Sciences (now the College of Liberal Studies and the School of Allied Health {CLS and SAH})

    Hall Photos

    Loft Pictures

    Possible arrangement - Top height of bed with desk underneath
    Loft With Dimensions
    Outside Dimensions of Lofts
    Three Levels of Lofts
    Loft height options

    Outside the hall

    Laux Street view
    West Side
    Laux 3
    Front Entrance - West Side
    Laux Courts
    East Side
    Laux Grill
    East Side
    Laux Side
    North Side

    Inside the hall

    Laux game Room
    Game Room
    Laux Kitchen
    Laux laundry
    Laundry Room
    Laux Laundry 2
    Laundry Room
    Laux Study
    Study Area
    laux Floor Plan
    Hall Floor Plan

    Room Pictures

    Laux Room TV
    Laux Room TV
    Room Right Closet
    Room Right Closet
    Room Left Closet
    Room Left Closet
    Room Bed
    Room Bed
    Laux Room
    Laux Room
    Room Left Desk
    Room Left Desk
    Room Right Desk
    Room Right Desk
    Room Window
    Room Window

    Hall Amenities

    Traditional Double

    Room style

    • Traditional double
    Traditional Double

    Roommates per room

    • 2 roommates in room
    • Shared community bathroom

    Room dimensions

    • 15'6" long x 11'6" wide x 8' tall

    Furniture/Appliances provided

    • 2 Beds, mattresses, and lofting parts (6'8'' long x 2'9'' wide)
      *Homemade frames not allowed
    • 2 Desks (2' deep x 3'6" wide x 2'4.5" tall)
    • 2 Desk chairs
    • 2 Bookshelves (1'2" deep x 2'11" wide x 2'5" tall)
    • 2 Dressers (1' 7" deep x 2'3" wide x 3'6" tall)
    • 2 Large closets (2'2" deep x 3'6" wide x 7'6" tall)
    • Refrigerator (shared) (1'6" deep x 1'7" wide x 2'10" tall)
    • Trash and recycling bins

    Other Building Amenities

    FYE Community

    • In-hall general Academic Advisor
    • Learning Enrichment Coordinators who develop programs and events for the hall
    • Additional program funding for social and educational events that you benefit from and can apply to use

    Contact your Hall Director or Staff member for more details


    • No


    • Single-sex community restrooms by floor, with toilets, showers, and sinks
    • 1 gender inclusive restroom in basement

    Bathroom cleaning

    • Daily bathroom cleaning at specified times

    Cable television

    • Outlets and Services Provided


    • No, each room is fully tiled

    Computer lab

    • Yes


    • No


    • Wireless and ports


    • 1 full kitchen in basement

    Laundry facilities

    • Laundry room located in basement, Campus Cash only!
    You can add Campus Cash at the card office or on their website at:


    • Multiple study lounges and social spaces in basement


    • Each room provides beds for students
    • Beds are loftable or bunk-able (see video)
    • Mattresses are extra Long (80" long x 36" wide)
    • no linens are provided


    • Located near Volleyball court