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  • Leadership Committees and Groups

    The Office of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is committed to the growth and development of our students. By offering a variety of ways to interact with others, our goal is to help students develop transferrable skills, assist with their transition to college, and to provide opportunities for experiential learning. These opportunities exist both at the hall and departmental level and include:

    Hall Council Core Leaders - all Residents

    Each Residence Hall will have four Core Leader positions elected in the fall semester. Made up of a President, Treasurer, and 2 RHAC reps, the Core Leader group will plan events for the hall, conduct Hall Council meetings, and will work with the hall leadership team to coordinate hall-wide initiatives. Other Core Leader positions may be created in each hall based on the needs and interests of the residents. If you are interested in being a Core Leader in your hall, e-mail your Hall Director or Resident Assistant to find out more about this opportunity.

    Time commitment: September through May - Hours may vary.

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - all Residents

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are created by residents around a topic, hobby, event, or other activity. Examples of past SIGs have included baking clubs, exercise groups, tv show viewing parties, board game groups, etc. SIGs may request funds from Hall Council to assist with their programs and events. If you are interested in starting a SIG in your hall, please contact your Core Leaders, your Resident Assistant, your Hall Director, or fill out this form:

    Time commitment: Commitment varies as per the SIG.

    Broadening Horizons Experience - all Residents

    The Broadening Horizons Committee can best be described as a “learning to action” experience for students interested in or learning more about issues of social justice and multiculturalism. The vision for this group is to spend time learning and exploring various areas of diversity education and incorporating them into the residence/campus life experience. This will be an interactive committee with many different opportunities for learning and doing. This committee will also explore attending the White Privilege Conference in April.

    Time commitment: An hour meeting per week.

    Leadership Development Committee - all Residents

    This committee focuses on helping improve the leadership skills of students living in the residence halls. Specific responsibilities include co-planning the Fall Leadership Conference with the professional staff, reviewing the department’s current leadership programs and new initiatives, and assisting with the leadership development series. Hall leaders, interested residents and staff are welcome to serve on this committee.

    Time commitment: An hour meeting per week.