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  • Leadership Committees and Groups

    UW-L is committed to the growth and development of our young leaders. Whether fostering a notion of responsibility in students, guiding individuals into a superior management style, and providing methods of influence and aiding of other individuals or groups, these committees focus on an involvement component, while being supported by interactions between individuals. As such, the Office of Residence Life supports and organizes many student-led committees and experiences centered on personal and team development of leadership skills.

    To get involved with these committees, contact your Hall Director!

    Broadening Horizons Experience - all residents

    The Broadening Horizons Committee can best be described as a “learning to action” experience for students interested in or learning more about issues of diversity and multiculturalism. The vision for this group is to spend time learning and exploring various areas of diversity education and incorporating them into the residence/campus life experience. This will be an interactive committee with many different opportunities for learning and doing. This committee will also explore attending the White Privilege Conference in April.

    Time commitment: An hour meeting per week.

    Welcome Week Committee - Staff and Core Leaders

    This committee plans the orientation programs and activities for Spring 2015 (midyear students) as well as for Fall 2015. This group will begin meeting during the fall semester and is open to all interested residents, execs and staff. Important: A representative from each hall will be needed, however.

    Time commitment: A one hour meeting every two weeks in the Fall Semester to plan Midyear Orientation. During the Spring Semester, some weekly meetings may occur as needed to prepare for the Fall 2015 Welcome Week.

    Leadership Development Committee - all residents

    This committee is targeted to help improve the leadership skills of our Residence Hall students. The potential for this committee is endless! Specific responsibilities include co-planning the Fall Leadership Conference with the professional staff, reviewing the department’s current leadership programs and new initiatives, and assisting with the Spring Break retreat. Hall leaders, interested residents and staff are welcome to serve on this committee.

    Time commitment: A one hour meeting every week or every other week before the Fall Leadership Conference. Every other week hourly meetings in the Spring. Also, special projects may take some out-of-committee time to complete.

    Greener Living - all residents

    This committee is targeted to help improve recycling efforts in the halls as well as increase the overall awareness of students about the importance of Environmental Issues. There exists much potential for member input in this committee. Specific responsibilities include creating recycling awareness publicity, coordinating an event for RecyleMania, working with other “green” groups on campus, and planning an event for Earth Day. Hall leaders, interested residents, and staff are welcome to serve on this committee.

    Time commitment: A one hour meeting every two weeks. Before the RecyleMania and Earth Day, a weekly meeting may be held to coordinate final planning details. Also, special projects may take some out-of-committee time to complete.

    Dining Service Committee - Staff and Core Leaders

    Students play a significant role in our dining program. The dining service committee made up of Residence Life staff, RHAC members, Student Association members and Sodexo, our dining services provider, serves as a venue for students to express constructive feedback on their dining experiences. We encourage students to express both concerns and give positive feedback on their dining experiences. More importantly we allow students to take action by suggesting changes and actively participating in test tastings, advertising, policy changes and more. Our hope is that we have representation from each hall on this committee. 

    Time commitment: Bi-Monthly meetings throughout academic year. 


    Student Staff Training & Events Committee - staff only

    Working in collaboration with the Student Staff Training Committee, other prostaff and central staff, the committee provides input and assistance for Fall and January Training and plans on-going socials and special events for the student staff, specifically focusing on the Staff Family Weekend Brunch and the Year End Social (Picnic or Banquet).

    Time commitment: Bi-monthly meetings or more frequently when needed.

    Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE) - staff only

    This assignment is great for student staff interested in pursuing a career in student affairs but will not be job/graduate school searching for another year or two. These individuals will assist professional staff in the promotion of the ORL to new hall director and graduate student candidates at OPE and during on-campus visits. Responsibilities include assisting in the creation of marketing materials, assisting in interviews, and socializing with and giving campus tours to candidates. A limited number of staff will be assigned to this committee. Depending on number not all committee members will be able to attend OPE.

    Time commitment: November through May – Two to three hours a week and Friday to Sunday of OPE February 26-March  1, 2015

    Hall Council Core Leaders - all residents


    Each Residence Hall will have four Core Leader positions elected in the fall semester. Made up of a President, Treasurer, and 2 RHAC reps, the Core Leader group will plan events for the hall, conduct Hall Council meetings, and will work with the hall leadership team to coordinate hall-wide initiatives. If you are interested in being a leader in your hall, email your Hall Director to find out more about the Core Leader opportunity.

    Time commitment: September through May - Hours may vary. 


    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - all residents


    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are resident founded committees, or social groups that can create events or hold meetings for the betterment of the hall community. SIGs may also request funds from Hall Council to assist with their programs and events. If you are interested in starting a SIG in your hall, please contact your Core Leader members, or your Hall Director.

    Time commitment: No established commitment.