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  • Living Learning Communities

    Living Learning Communities integrate topic-driven learning within a dedicated living community of fellow students. Within an LLC, your peers and you will strive to apply knowledge outside the classroom, creating a true partnership of academics and real-world application. Living with a group of 28-38 other students will expand your residence hall experience to the furthest degree of education.

    When you apply for housing at UW-La Crosse, you can note your preference for participating in a Living Learning Community. By doing this, you will be taken to a separate application that will allow you to apply for the LLCs.

    Global Village (GV)
    Be a part of a global society

    The Global Village Living and Learning Community (LLC) is designed for domestic and international students to live together; immersing themselves in culture and learning from each other about the world we live in. The Global Village community is a diverse community of students who share common interests ranging from foreign language studies and cross-cultural understanding to the discussion of world affairs. 

    This community provides a cross cultural experience for students interested in broadening their understanding of world issues and cultures. The Global Village increases opportunities for international and domestic students to live and learn together through this common living environment.

    If you have an interest in living in the Eagle Hall Global Village community, please contact Chris Dziekan, Assistant Director of Residence Life (

    To apply:

    If you would like to live in the Reuter Hall Global Village, please contact the Reuter Hall Director.

    Social Justice
    Creating safe spaces for all!

    The Social Justice Living and Learning Community (LLC) is intended to be an inclusive and accepting community that has a focus on social justice and diversity. The Social Justice community will actively explore equality, peace and genuine respect for others. Students will live with others who share similar passions and values to build a close community while forging friendships in this living environment. 

    Together students will live, learn and explore social activism, social change and the philosophical foundations of justice. 

    If you have an interest in living in a community like this where you would learn about social, political and economic injustices, causes of oppression and various forms of privilege and power please contact Chris Dziekan, Assistant Director of Residence Life (

    To apply:

    Outdoor Recreation
    Go beyond your limits!

    The Outdoor Recreation Living and Learning community (LLC) is designed for students who have a passion and an interest for outdoor activities and the environment. Students must be open to challenges, have a desire to gain skills outside of the classroom, participate in extracurricular activities and events relating to the outdoors. 

    The UW-La Crosse campus location is a perfect locale for experiencing a variety of unique natural resources and destinations. Outdoor experiences accelerate student learning about themselves and others. The UW-L Outdoor Connection has the equipment, trained staff & knowledge of the area to be able to facilitate this rich learning environment. 

    The core components of the Outdoor Recreation LLC will be an Environmental Studies Course, residence hall and campus based events, wilderness trip experiences and skills workshops. Students in this community will take a class (Environmental Studies 201) together and there is an additional $200 fee each semester through the UW-L Outdoor Connection to cover the expenses of the 4 outdoor trips planned each semester. 

    If you have an interest in living in a community like this please contact Chris Dziekan, Assistant Director of Residence Life (

    To apply:

    Service Learning
    Creating a better community

    The Service Learning Community was designed for students seeking to become engaged in the La Crosse community through volunteering and learning about service organizations in the area. This community was developed because the Office of Residence Life noticed the high level of involvement and commitment to service in the community UW-L students have. The Service Learning Community, housed in Sanford Hall, provides students with opportunities to be a part of several service projects. 

    Examples of projects include group volunteering with children’s organizations, animal shelters/advocacy organizations, nonprofits which serve people experiencing homelessness, and a variety of other opportunities. Students will receive academic credit through the Political Science and Public Administration department (POL 250) for the learning taking place through hands-on experience, for a maximum of four credits within the academic year. 

    Residents of this community pay the same rate as any other student in a traditional hall, and students do not pay extra to receive academic credit as long as they stay under the 18-credit-a-semester threshold. 

    If this sounds like an experience you’re interested in, please contact Chris Dziekan, Assistant Director of Residence Life (

    To apply:

    First Year Experience (FYE)

    Make the most of your first year!The First Year Experience (FYE) in Coate Hall, Laux Hall and White Hall was designed for incoming freshmen students who want dedicated support and enhanced opportunities for their first year in college. A full-time Academic Advisor is available two days a week for appointments and coursework consultation, and there is also a student Learning and Enrichment Coordinator (LEC) who will create social, developmental and learning events throughout the year. 

    In addition, your professional and student staff receive training with a special focus towards the implementation of student development theory and first year programs. Our staff will take every opportunity to get freshmen connected to their campus, get involved in groups or activities that will challenge, and help them maximize their potential. 

    There is an additional $25.00 fee added each semester to cover the added programmatic and wage expenses for the FYE halls. 

    If you have an interest in living in an FYE community, please select Coate Hall, Laux Hall or White Hall when you apply for housing. 

    If you want to be included in an FYE building, but did NOT specify this in your room sign-up, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 608.785.8075

    Upperclass Student Experience (UE)
    Gaining skills to pay the bills!

    The Reuter Hall Upperclass Student Experience (UE) was designed for students seeking to remain in an on-campus living environment, while developing their leadership skills and life-skills. By partnering with Career Services, It Make$ Cents (financial literacy office), the Wellness Office, and the Campus Libraries, Reuter Hall will bring you events, seminars, and experiences that will prepare you for graduation and beyond. 

    This community was developed due to our research in retention, successful career searches, growing national student debt concerns, and a campus commitment to wellness. Examples of programs include: Personal consultations with our peer budgeting and wellness personnel, seminars on debt management and wise spending habits, in hall research assistance with our Reuter Hall Librarian, healthy food preparation programs, personal resume and application preparation courses, and small vehicle repair training! 

    There is no additional charge to live in this community beyond the regular Reuter Hall rates. 

    If this sounds like an experience that you are interested in, please contact the Office of Residence Life at