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  • Office of Residence Life

    Welcome from Dr. Nick
    The Dashing Dr. Nick Nicklaus

    Hello and welcome,

    On behalf of the staff and residents, the Office of Residence Life (ORL) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse welcomes you to our residence halls.

    The 11 residence halls on campus are a popular housing choice for about a third of our 9000+ undergraduate students. Our halls offer more than just a place to sleep; there are numerous opportunities for leadership and involvement, a plethora of activities, and many friendships to be made! I encourage you to explore our web page, which provides information about each of our facilities and the services we offer.

    In addition, I would suggest that you learn more about our commitment to your education, and in creating safe and inclusive spaces by reading our departmental Mission and Diversity Statements in the sections below.

    We are proud of our residence life program, and I am pleased that you are interested in learning more about your Home at College.

    Thank you for considering UWL!

    -Dr. Nick Nicklaus
    Director of Residence Life
    University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

    ORL Mission Statement

    The Office of Residence Life at UWL holds itself to a high standard of professionalism, ethical care for others, and is devoted to the educational mission of the institution. Our department is very large and our program is a reflection of each individual student and professional staff member that we employ and serve. However, we are unified around a common mission that helps direct our efforts.

    Our mission is:

    The University of La Crosse Residence Life Program is an integral component of the University’s educational mission. We provide reasonably priced and well-maintained living and learning environments which are designed to foster learning, community, personal growth, responsibility, respect, leadership, and citizenship.

    Diversity Statement

    The Residence Life program is committed to creating living learning environments that help all students feel welcome and included. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment for students of all racial/ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ability/disability, and religious backgrounds.

    We understand living in a residence hall community that is diverse can be a new and challenging experience. We strive to offer a variety of programs and services for all students; experiences where students can engage in understanding and interacting with others who are different than themselves.

    Our Residence Life staff, student leaders, and residents work together to ensure that these values are reflected throughout the residence halls. We work in concert with various departments across the campus to enhance compliance to these values.
    Living and learning together!

    Some of these offices are:

    *Please click on the titles to be directed to their website

    ORL Organization Chart and Position Descriptions

    The Office of Residence Life is a large department on campus that employs many full-time professionals and student staff members. Please review our department organization chart linked to this page and read over the position descriptions for each of our employees to get a better understanding of who we are and how we can assist you.

    ORL Org. Chart 2015-2016.pdf


    The Director of ORL provides leadership, supervision and coordination for our comprehensive housing program. They set the departmental vision, coordinate department-wide initiatives, and acts as ORL's primary representative on campus-wide collaboration opportunities or issues.


    The five Assistant Directors report to the Director of Residence Life and coordinate the following areas: Hall Director supervision, Residence Life Information Services, pro-staff/student staff training, leadership education, operations, and facilities.

    Student Services Coordinator (SSC)

    The Student Services Coordinator is responsible for the design, planning and implementation of departmental programs, events and initiatives. The SSC works in close collaboration with internal and external partners to provide superior service and communication to students, families, and staff.


    The Hall Director in each Residence Hall is a full-time, live-in professional with a master's degree in counseling, student affairs administration, or a related field. The Hall Director is responsible for the total program within the Residence Hall with a primary focus of addressing student needs. This is accomplished through advising Hall Council, supervising and training the student staff, working with the housekeeping staff, assisting students, enforcing policies, and coordinating special services provided by the Office of Residence Life. The Hall Director's office is located in the hall lobby or the basement. The Hall Director lives in an apartment on the first floor of the hall.


    Angell, Coate, Hutchison, and Reuter Halls are staffed with an Assistant Hall Director. The Assistant Hall Director is a UWL graduate student in the Student Affairs Administration Program. The Assistant Hall Director's responsibilities are to work in cooperation with the Hall Director in the overall management of the Residence Hall.


    The Senior Staff is either a Resident Assistant or Desk Coordinator who has previous experience as a Residence Life staff member. Senior Staff work closely with the Hall Director in assisting with and serving as liaisons with the Hall Council and oversee certain programming efforts. Drake, Eagle Gray, Eagle Maroon, Laux, Sanford, Wentz, and White Halls have Senior Staff.


    Your Resident Assistant is a valuable resource to you. Your Resident Assistant is a student who is responsible for your community of approximately 26-42 students. Some of the responsibilities of your Resident Assistant include: helping with personal and academic concerns, mediating group conflicts, encouraging a responsible attitude that will help to build unity, pride, and respect in your community, providing opportunities and activities that encourage the interaction and involvement that stimulate individual growth, and being an information source.


    The Desk Coordinator is directly responsible for the administration of the Front Desk Program and oversight of the computer labs in the Residence Hall. In addition to the administration of all related front desk functions, the Desk Coordinator is actively involved in the management of various financial transactions such as making change and pizza purchases. Under the general supervision of the Hall Director, the Desk Coordinator coordinates the hiring, supervision, training, scheduling, and evaluation of the Desk Assistants.


    Approximately 15 students from each Residence Hall are employed as Desk Assistants and provide a variety of services to Residence Hall students. Desk Assistants provide information to residents and guests, help with Residence Hall security, sell pizzas and stamps, oversee the DVD checkout program, sort mail, provide change, and check out supplies.


    Housekeepers work in cooperation with the Hall Director, Student Staff, and the residents to clean the public areas of the Residence Halls. The Housekeeping staff are an integral part of the Office of Residence Life's mission. Housekeepers are early risers, working from 6am to 2:30pm, Monday-Friday. Housekeepers also assist in ensuring the repairs of furniture, plumbing, heating, and other facility issues in the building.


    The Assistant Housekeepers work in conjunction with the Housekeepers and Hall Directors to keep the building clean in the evenings and on weekends. They concentrate their efforts in public areas, including bathrooms and stairwells.


    Administrative Assistants are an essential component to the operations of our residence halls, and work directly with the Hall Director to run administrative and programmatic processes.