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  • Reuter Hall

    Welcome to THE apartment-style hall at UW-L!

    Reuter Hall Fast Facts:
    Mailing Address:
    Room #, Letter, Reuter Hall
    1824 La Crosse Street
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    Reuter Hall Front Desk:
    (608) 789-2600
    Reuter Hall Director:
    (608) 785-8087
    Reuter Hall Duty Phone:
    (608) 790-2916

    Reuter Hall supports 376 upperclass, graduate, and international students in 95, 4 - person apartments. Each apartment features 4 individual and lockable bedrooms, and also comes with shared commons spaces. These common spaces include a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Reuter Hall is the perfect mix of a quiet, off-campus experience, with the convenience of living on-campus.

    Gender Inclusive Housing is supported in Reuter Hall. No matter your gender identity, expression, or lack thereof, we have a safe space for you to live and learn. Due to our separated bedroom and bathroom spaces, persons of any identity can live together. If you are interested in this style of living, please contact us and let us know what you need!

    Hall Photos

    Outside the Hall

    Reuter 2
    Front Entrance
    Reuter 3
    Front Entrance
    Reuter 4
    East Side
    Reuter 5
    West Side
    Reuter 6
    East Side

    Inside the Hall

    Reuter laundry
    Laundry Room
    Reuter conference room
    Conference Room
    Reuter game room
    Game Room 
    Reuter lab
    Computer Lab
    Reuter study
    Group Study
    Reuter study 2
    Group Study
    Reuter workout room
    Exercise Room
    Reuter Recycling Room
    Recycling Room

    Room Pictures

    Reuter bathroom
    Reuter bathroom 2
    Reuter bathroom 3
    Reuter closet
    Reuter kitchen
    Reuter kitchen 2
    Reuter Kitchen 3
    Reuter Kitchen 4
    Reuter kitchen 5
    Reuter kitchen 6
    Reuter living room
    Living Room
    Reuter Living Room 2
    Living Room
    Reuter living room 3
    Living Room
    Reuter room
    Reuter room 2
    Reuter room 3
    Reuter room Hallway
    Apartment Hallway


    Reuter floor layout
    Suite Style Location
    Reuter Suite E
    Suite E
    Reuter Suite F
    Suite F
    Reuter Suite G
    Suite G
    Reuter Suite H
    Suite H
    Reuter Suite J
    Suite J
    Reuter Suite K
    Suite K
    Reuter Suite L
    Suite L
    Reuter Suite M
    Suite M
    Reuter Suite N
    Suite N
    Reuter Suite P
    Suite P
    Reuter Suite R
    Suite R
    Hall Type

    Reuter Hall is a 376 bed apartment-style, Upperclass Student Experience residence hall. Residents in Reuter Hall have single bedrooms, and three apartment roommates who they share bathroom, full-kitchen, and living room common spaces. Reuter Hall is also home to Gender Inclusive Housing on campus, and each apartment can be mixed gendered upon signing an agreement. As a UE hall, Reuter houses domestic and international upperclass students.

    Hall Amenities

    Apartment Style

    Reuter Apartment - single person bedroom contained in an apartment with three other single bedrooms. The apartment features a common living room, kitchen, and bathroom for the four total roommates. The image to the right is an example of one of 11 floor plans available in Reuter Hall. Reuter Apartment Diagram


    Each resident room is furnished with a bed, desk, bookshelf, dresser, and closet for each resident. Rooms also come with trash and recycle bins, cable TV services, outlets, and cords, and internet ports.


    Each apartment has one shared restroom facility for four roommates. Reuter apartment bathrooms have a toilet room, shower room, and a double sink vanity with large mirror. Bathrooms in Reuter are cleaned bi-weekly by our Housekeeper staff. The times and dates of these cleanings will be posted in the hall.


    Each residence hall comes equipped with a well-stocked laundry facility with multiple machines for washing and drying. The laundry room in this building is located on the first floor of the building.


    Apartments in Reuter have shared living room facilities. Each apartment living room comes furnished with a three person couch, two person loveseat, one end table, and one coffee table. In addition, the first floor of Reuter has a common front entrance TV lounge and sitting area, and the Group Study which has a large TV that is perfect for movies.


    Each apartment in Reuter comes with a fully equipped kitchen, with a full-sized refrigerator, double-sided sink, sink disposal, oven/stove combination, cabinets and drawers, and dishwasher.

    Computer Lab

    Each hall features a computer lab which is maintained by Residence Life Information Services. Check with your front desk to get a key!


    Wireless connectivity is available throughout all of the Residence Halls. In addition, students have access to wired connections in their rooms. To utilize the wired service, students may purchase an Ethernet/Internet cord through the front desk of each Residence Hall. Additional information regarding in-room connections is available from Residence Life Information Services (RLIS) by contacting


    Reuter Hall has one set of elevators in the main lobby.

    Other Amenities

    Other amenities in the building include: first floor game room and piano, AC with adjustable thermostats, and ADA accommodations, just to name a few. Also in close proximity to Reuter Hall is a volleyball court. Whatever you're looking for, Reuter Hall will offer you the very best.