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  • Wentz Hall

    Welcome to Wentz Hall!

    Wentz Hall Fast Facts:
    Mailing Address:
    Room #, Letter, Wentz Hall
    1515 Pine Street
    La Crosse, WI 54601
    Wentz Hall Front Desk:
    (608) 789-4200
    Wentz Hall Director:
    (608) 785-8556
    Wentz Hall Duty Phone:
    (608) 498-7968

    Wentz Hall is one of the best kept secrets at UWL. Located centrally on campus and close to both Whitney Dining Center, Murphy Library, and the Center for the Arts, there are few places better or more convenient to live on campus.

    Wentz Hall is a traditional, wing-style residence hall that is home to approximately 240 residents. Most residents have one or two roommates with whom they share a bedroom. Wing residence halls have long running hallways with student rooms on either side. The term traditional means that residents in this building live in standard double rooms, with a shared bathroom facility. 

    Wentz Hall houses a mixture of upperclass students and first year students and is single sexed by floor.  There are also limited number of Gender Inclusive Housing Spaces, with a private bathroom, in Wentz Hall.

    Anna Wentz

    • Taught from 1920-1948
    • Department: Biology (which was housed under Physical Education)
    • Anna Wentz was known as a tough professor of Anatomy and Physiology, making students memorize EVERY bone, nerve, and muscle in the body. To add to difficulty, students had to spell them correctly and have proper grammar
    • Students jokingly said that you learned both A & P and English in Wentz’s class
    • While a college student, Anna Wentz worked with a group of researchers trying to find a way to successfully burn away cooties from soldier’s bodies, while not harming them. The team was successful!
    • Also known for coordinating student pep rallies, and going to every football and basketball game, even if that meant hopping in her beat up red Ford truck!

    Hall Photos

    Loft Pictures

    Possible arrangement - Top height of bed with desk underneath
    Loft With Dimensions
    Outside Dimensions of Lofts
    Three Levels of Lofts
    Loft height options

    Outside the hall

    Front Entrance
    Wentz 2
    North Side
    Wentz 3
    Front Entrance 
    Wentz 4
    Front Entrance - South

    Inside the hall

    Wentz Floor Plan
    Floor Plan

    Inside the hall

    Wentz Room
    Resident's Room

    Hall Amenities

    Traditional Double

    Room style

    • Traditional double
    Traditional Double

    Roommates per room

    • 2 roommates in room
    • Shared community bathroom

    Room dimensions

    • 15'6" long x 11'6" wide x 8' tall

    Furniture/Appliances provided

    • 2 Beds, mattresses, and lofting parts (6'8'' long x 2'9'' wide)
      *Homemade frames not allowed
    • 2 Desks (2' deep x 3'6" wide x 2'4.5" tall)
    • 2 Desk chairs
    • 2 Bookshelves (1'2" deep x 2'11" wide x 2'5" tall)
    • 2 Dressers (1' 7" deep x 2'3" wide x 3'6" tall)
    • 2 Large closets (2'2" deep x 3'6" wide x 7'6" tall)
    • Refrigerator (shared) (1'6" deep x 1'7" wide x 2'10" tall)
    • Trash and recycling bins

    Other Building Amenities


    • No


    • Single-sex community restrooms by floor, with toilets, showers, and sinks
    • 1 gender inclusive restroom with a private shower in basement

    Bathroom cleaning

    • Daily bathroom cleaning at specified times

    Cable television

    • Outlets and Services Provided


    • No, each room is fully tiled
    • Studies and 118 is carpeted

    Computer lab

    • Yes


    • Yes


    • Wireless and ports


    • 1 full kitchen in basement
    • Additional Kitchen on 4th floor

    Laundry facilities

    • Laundry room located in basement, Campus Cash only!
    You can add Campus Cash at the card office or on their website at:


    • Multiple study lounges and social spaces in basement


    • Each room provides beds for students
    • Beds are loftable or bunk-able (see video)
    • Mattresses are extra Long (80" long x 36" wide)
    • no linens are provided


    • Located near Volleyball court
    • Located near Basketball court