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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse residence halls. Our halls offer you a unique opportunity for growth by living closely with others who have similar interests and needs. The friendships you make in the coming nine months will, in many cases, last a lifetime. Lifestyle and location are keys to making an informed decision about where to live.

The link to the right will connect you with important, need to know info about the halls, services, policies, and contacts. If these sections don't answer all your questions, feel free to contact us with your query by clicking the link below:

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We encourage you to make UW-L home by becoming actively involved in campus life. Create your own personal space in your room. Become involved within your floor and hall -- the fun times (floor programs and activities are scheduled throughout the year) and the quiet, reflective study times. Do your part to keep your hall clean, safe and quiet, respecting others’ rights and needs. The more involved you become, the more you will gain from your experience at UW-L.

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Hall Information and Services
When you’re considering hall options, keep two things in mind: lifestyle and location. All residence halls contain comparable physical facilities, and the size and furnishings of student rooms are identical, except for some triple room accommodations in Angell, Coate, Drake and Hutchison Hall. Reuter and Eagle Hall suites differ as well. There is a separate process for applying to live in Reuter Hall, and is for sophomores and above. Sanford Hall is a co-ed residence hall with 226 men and women living in alternating rooms on the same floor with separate bathrooms. To view photos, read descriptions and learn more information about each hall, visit the Hall Web Pages.

The Residence Hall Association Council, acting on behalf of hall residents, has implemented smoke-free living in all residence halls. In addition, the chewing of tobacco is prohibited. All residence halls have policies that enforce state laws regarding alcohol and illegal drug use. By choosing to live in the halls, you are agreeing to abide by these policies.

The Office of Residence Life welcomes you to become informed about our residence life program. We encourage you to contact us or visit our office in 1000 Eagle Hall with any questions. Keep in mind, we want to better serve you.

Before you are able to apply for housing, you need to apply to UW La Crosse and be accepted for admission. Admission to UW-L does not guarantee on-campus housing. Applicants accepted to attend UW-L who wish to live in the Residence Halls must FIRST pay the $100 enrollment fee. They will then receive their acceptance packet from the Admissions Office, the packet will also contain a letter from the Residence Life Office outlining the housing application process. Read and follow the instructions - COMPLETE ALL THREE STEPS. In past years, we have had waiting lists of new students wanting on-campus housing. Housing applications are prioritized by date received. Therefore, we urge you to pay your enrollment fee THEN apply for housing as quickly as possible.

Last Updated: 1/3/14