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Residence Life Statements
Residence Life Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Residence Life Program is an integral component of the University's educational mission. We provide reasonably priced and well-maintained living and learning environments which are designed to foster learning, community, personal growth, responsibility, respect, leadership and citizenship.

Residence Life Diversity Statement

The Residence Life program is committed to creating living learning environments that help all students feel welcome and included. This means that we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment for students of all racial/ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, ability/disability, and religious backgrounds. We understand that learning to live in a residence hall community setting that is diverse can be a new and challenging experience and we strive to offer a variety of programs and services where all students can engage in understanding and interacting with others who are different than themselves. Our residence life staff, student leaders, and residents work together to ensure that these values are reflected throughout the residence halls. We work in concert with various departments across the campus to enhance compliance to these values. Some of these offices are:

International Education

Office of Multicultural Student Services

Disability Resource Services

Pride Center

Campus Climate Office

Based on my gender identity, is university housing for me?

We understand that when your gender identity/expression is not readily reflected when giving a preference for where you would like to live, it is difficult to determine what would be optimal for you. Residence Life staff are committed to assisting you to determine how our program can work for you. Please contact the Director of Residence Life (608) 785-8075, or by clicking the link below prior to your contract due date to discuss options.

Residence Life

Differently gendered and transgender students are also encouraged to contact the Pride Center which is devoted to serving students and the UWL community regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning students, and their allies (GLBTQQA). This center is a primary campus resource and advocacy office for GLBTQQA students and works closely with other campus offices striving to provide a safe atmosphere and accommodations for transgender students.
(Statement adapted from the University of Wisconsin Madison Housing Department.)

"I am UW-L" banner The Office of Residence Life proudly supports the "I am UW-L" campaign.

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