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May I bring my pet to school?
There are certain restrictions regarding animals in the residence halls. Due to our residence hall and state policies, residents are only allowed to have fish as pets in the residence halls. Turtles or other marine creatures other than fish are not allowed in the halls. Visiting animals are also not allowed per our residence hall and state policies.

What are quiet hours and courtesy hours?
In the residence halls, we have two policies that govern noise made by our residents. They are Courtesy hours and Quiet hours.

Courtesy hours promote a positive living environment and are in effect 24 hours a day. Residents and guests are to maintain a noise level conducive to a comfortable living environment where residents can study. Residents should always be able to sleep and study in their rooms without interference from their neighbors. Your compliance with requests from other residents and Residence Life staff to adjust noise levels is expected.

Quiet hours are in effect from 10pm to 9am during the week (Sunday evening through Thursday) and midnight to 9am on Friday and Saturday. Quiet hours are designed to ensure a quieter environment during evening and night time to promote a positive atmosphere for study and sleep. When quiet hours begin, outdoor recreational activities/games near the Residence Halls must stop.
  • Excessive or repeated noise and/or disruptive behavior is prohibited
  • Maximum room occupancy: To assist in keeping courtesy and quiet hours, a maximum of ten people are permitted in any student room/suite.
  • Misuse of speakers or stereo systems: Facing speakers out windows is prohibited. Playing loud music with an open door is not permitted at any time. Repeated misuse of audio equipment will result in storage of this equipment until it can be removed from University property.

What are the guest policies?
This policy establishes guidelines that protect the right of each resident to choose when a guest is permitted in their room or suite. Guests are defined as anyone not currently assigned to the room in question. Overnight guests are not permitted until the roommate/suitemate agreement form has been completed and turned in to a Resident Assistant. These agreement forms will be kept on file and may be revisited whenever one roommate deems it necessary. Residence Hall students may have guests in their rooms but roommates must mutually agree upon the terms under which this occurs. In situations where roommates cannot agree about overnight guests, the right of the person not to have overnight guests in the room takes precedence over the privilege of hosting an overnight visitor. Hosts must accompany their guests throughout their visit.

At all times residents and their guests are expected to be sensitive to the needs and wishes of their roommate(s) and other members of the floor community. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guest(s) and are responsible for informing their guest(s) of Residence Hall policies.
  • Misuse of keys and door access/student identification cards: Residents are not allowed to give Residence Hall keys or door access/student identification cards to guests or other students.
  • Overnight guest restriction: Each room may host a maximum of two overnight guests per night. An overnight guest may stay a maximum of two nights in any Residence Hall within a seven day period.
  • Responsibility for guest behavior: Failure of any guest to adhere to the University and/or Residence Hall policies will result in disciplinary action for those hosting the guest and the guest.

  1. May I bring my pet to school?
    Yes, but only if your pet is a fish in a bowl. Unfortunately, residents are not allowed to have other animals in the residence halls because of space and allergy concerns. Pets are not allowed even for visits.

  2. What are quiet and courtesy hours?
    To help maintain a positive living and learning environment, and to enhance the study habits of residents, quiet hours have been established in each hall. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. during the week and midnight to 9 a.m. on weekends. Respect for others and courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day.

  3. What are the guest policies?
    If you expect an overnight guest, ask your roommate’s permission in advance. Only one overnight guest per roommate is allowed. Remember, you are responsible for your guest’s behavior and to ensure that they follow hall policies.

  4. What is the alcohol policy?
    Only students who are 21 and older may consume alcohol in their own room.
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