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Room Furnishings
What size are the beds in the residence halls?
Mattresses in the residence halls are extra long (36" x 80"). RHAC has partnered with Residence Hall Linens(RHL) to provide students with a convenient affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities. Proceeds from this program go to the RHAC and are used for programming in the residence halls. Please visit our website for Residence Hall Linens.

Does each room have a full view mirror?
No, there is a full view mirror in the restrooms or hallway on each floor. Each room does have a 2'x 1-1/2' mirror on the wall.

Can I bring a microwave?
Yes, one microwave per room is allowed. It can be a maximum of 700 watts.

Is a refrigerator provided in each room?
One refrigerator, approximately 3.5 cu. ft., is provided for each room. If you bring in another refrigerator of your own (with hall director approval, 3.5 cu ft. max), you will be assessed an additional electrical usage of $25 per semester.

Is there a chair for the desk?

Are lofts allowed in the residence hall rooms?
New for 2014-2015: Lofts are now provided for all residence hall rooms as part of the room rates. Students are not allowed to bring their own loft or bunking systems.

Reuter only: Lofts will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are provided at no additional fee.

Is an air conditioner provided for students with allergies?
No, air conditioners are not provided and permission is needed from the Director of Residence Life in order to have one (the unit would be provided by the student, with specifications) and would be installed by University Residence Life personnel. Contact the Director of Residence Life ( outlining reasons for requiring an air conditioner and he will respond.

What should I bring?
SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING: Towels, blanket/comforter, alarm clock, basic medication, camera, clothes hangers, 3 baskets (to hold toiletries, dishes, laundry), eating/cooking utensils, can opener, glassware, plastic plates, small sewing kit, scissors, stamps, stationery, umbrella/raincoat, book bag, school supplies.) Note: You may want to contact your roommate to coordinate who brings what so that you don't have two of everything. Also, there is no storage space available outside of the student's room. Click here for a complete printable checklist

Carpeting-(Typical carpet sizes are 8' x 12'; only applies to traditional halls as both Eagle and Reuter are carpeted)
Double Room Dimensions: @ 15' 6" x 11' 6"
Triple Room Dimensions: @ 20' x 10' 8"
Small microwave, bike, coffee pot, chair (i.e., bean bag), duffel bag, fan, plants, computer, stereo/ television equipment, lamp/clip-on light, hot pot

- Halogen lights ( due to the potential serious fire hazard )
- Hot plates, George Foreman-type grills, toasters
- Alcohol (if not 21 years of age)
- Illegal/stolen signs (i.e., road signs)-subject to ticket
- Items with open flame; i.e., candles, potpourri, incense
(Decorative candles and electric potpourri pots are permitted)
- Guns, hunting knives
- Six-outlet converter (you may use a power strip with a circuit breaker)
- Refrigerators larger than 3.5 cubic feet (Note: Each room has a refrigerator)

Last Updated: 2/21/14