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FAQs - Technology/Computers
How much does it cost for an internet connection (ResNet) in a residence hall room?
There is no separate charge for a data connection. Each room resident has one data jack.

Is wireless available in the residence halls?
Yes, all halls have been upgraded to allow wireless access from student rooms. Though we have attempted to make coverage as thorough as possible, we cannot guarantee consistent levels of coverage throughout the building. It is therefore encouraged that students purchase an ethernet cable to plug in when they are in their room for optimal performance.

Can I get computer training when I arrive on campus?
Yes. Free training for various classes is available from Information Technology Services. Click here.

What kind of computer should I purchase for use during my time at UW-L?
Most students will use their computers for completing class assignments, surfing the web or checking e-mail. While in some cases, a more powerful or even simpler solution is necessary, most students will be just fine with any standard computer available online or in most retail stores. For more information or recommendations about computer purchasing, please refer the ITS recommendations page.

Do students recieve any sort of discount on software?
UW-L does not provide free software for students. However, it is highly recommended that student machines have a full antivirus program installed. In addition, the UW-System and Microsoft allow students to purchase software at special prices on the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC) website. For more information, please visit

What computer resources are available for students who do not bring a computer to UW-La Crosse?
Each Residence Hall has a computer lab. Computer lab keys are obtained at the Hall Front Desk. Students can use a printer provided by the hall from these labs. There is a minimal per page charge for printing. In addition, there are excellent general access computer labs across campus available with extended hours for all students.

Is there a place for students to print to from their own computer, or do they need to bring their own printer?
Students can print from their rooms or from the computer lab to a printer at the front desk. Printers are also available for a nominal fee across campus in all labs. Color printing is very limited.

When I move in, what do I have to do to get internet access in my room?
As stated earlier, you do not need to purchase anything to access the campus wireless network. Simply follow the connection steps outlined here. If you wish, you may purchase an Ethernet cable for a hard-wired connection from the Residence Hall front desks. These cables cost $5 and plug into a provided data port in your room for optimal speed and performance. Also, please note that it is highly recommended that students have some sort of anti-virus protection software on their computer. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information provided here, please feel free to contact Residence Life Information Services at (608) 789-2300 or

Last Updated: 7/10/13