University of Wisconsin La Crosse Office of Residence Life
Why Choose UW- La Crosse?

Don’t take our word for it…

Highlighted by the natural beauty of La Crosse and the hardworking staff of Residence Life, UW-L provides each student a unique opportunity to develop both personally and academically. Here's what a few of UW-L's students had to say about their experience:

"When I came to UWL and saw it for the first time, I was amazed at the majestic view of the bluffs from campus. This is a beautiful area to live in and I'm so thankful that it has a top-notch University to go with it. I chose to come to UWL because of that spectacular sights and the grade A education. What you'll find about UWL is that so many students are dedicated and passionate about something. For me it's working with student leadership, which has given me opportunities beyond what I ever expected. I love UWL because not only is it an invitation to success, but also because anyone can find their own comfort to express themselves however they want. The is exactly what happened to me and I'm so glad I stayed!"
-Alex Joers

"I love UW-L because everyone here is involved in something. Whether it's a sport, music group, club, or involvment in the community, everyone here seems connected with others. and that's pretty unique. Smaller class sizes have enabled me to get to know my professors, and they are all super-supportive of field experience and research and have presented me with opportunities that probably wouldn't be available if I were at a large institution. Also, living on campus is fun-- I've met a ton of great people here. I love UW-L because the people here care about other people, and the atmosphere here is very friendly and helpful. Go Eagles!"
-Katherine Svitavsky
UW-L Students on Coate Field and at the park
"UW-L is an absolutely beautiful campus. It is the perfect size because I am able to walk from one end to the other and recognize many people. Getting involved was the best choice I made. I chose to get involved in Residence Life and I feel like I am apart of a family here where so many people care about me and my success."
-Collin Bruner

"I chose UW-L because out of all the other universities I visited, this was the only one where I felt at home. I felt like the campus was a place that I could spend the next four years comfortably, and I was right!"

-Katie Schmitt

“I chose UW-L because of the small class sizes and the excellent educational classes provided here. And now that I am here I really like the dorm life and all the friends that a person can meet in the dorms and on campus.”
Mitch Reuter

“I chose UW-L because I've heard nothing but great things about it - especially from my parents who are proud alumni and loved every minute of their time here on campus. I loved as much as they did! The size of the community; not too small but not too big. You're a face here and not a number. Now that I'm here, I really like the overall air of our great community. Everyone is friendly and you know that there's always someone who you can turn to. Everyone cares here. The best part is that the second you arrive on campus you know you're an important part to this great university.”\
-Amanda Shepherd

“I chose UW-L because it reminded me so much of the warm, inviting environment that my hometown offers. The feeling was instantaneous the moment I stepped on campus. I felt like there was a strong sense of community here at UW-L, and it made me feel extremely welcomed. The feeling has not stopped, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of being here. The opportunities that I have been blessed with here have allowed me to develop into the young adult I am today. Specifically, I have become very involved with Residence Life, and I feel like I have found a passion of mine where I can really blossom into the leader I know I can be. It is because of my experiences here that I feel that my future is bright and full of potential to succeed in whatever direction I choose.”
-Jess Kanitz, Resident Assistant

“I chose UWL for many reasons. The first thing I noticed when touring the campus last year is that everyone was so friendly. Getting here and actually living here has proved to me that I was very right in this observation. Everyone in my hall and classes are warm, welcoming, and fun people, as well as the hall directors and RAs. I also really loved this campus above all others when making my final decision on the college of my choice. Being here for the past semester has made me appreciate it even more. The campus is gorgeous! Also, UW-L offers a good size, as far as student population goes. But all in all, the campus area isn’t that large, which is highly appreciated when walking from class to class in the winters. To top it all off, UW-L also offers the free textbook rental system, which is very easy and convenient.”
-Ana Riberich

“Being involved as a student is a great opportunity to grow and learn about life. I have learned an amazing amount in the classroom, but I have learned much more outside the classroom during my time at UW-L. I arrived as a freshman, nervous about moving away from home and now as a junior I don't think that I would recognize the person I was then. I have learned an amazing amount from all the people on this campus by trying to put myself out there and try new things by getting involved. UW-L helps you to do these things in an incredible variety of ways. I feel that without my involvement in campus I would have about 10% of my past experiences at UW-L and 100% of my best memories, there is nothing that I can recommend more highly than to come to UW-L and get involved.”
-Josh Mansee, Resident Assistant

“Being involved as a student is a great opportunity because I have gotten to meet some pretty sweet people who have turned into my family here at school. I have had the ability to meet people who I competed against in High School athletics. I have gotten to know people who come from a completely different background that I experienced. I also have learned more about who I am and what I can offer to a group! I have also learned how to work with people who I may disagree with over certain ideas and topics. Being able to learn how to deal with these people will help me after I graduate and encounter them at work. I have also seen my hard work and dedication pay off! Putting on a campus wide program that raised $2250 for Special Olympics was awesome! Finally, getting involved has helped open windows that have helped me figure out who to contact, people who will point me in the right direction. Whether I need help with finding an internship (when that time comes), writing a resume, problems in the dorm, figuring out what classes I still need to take, or who to contact for a job that I want.”
-Katelyn Stangl, Residence Hall Executive Board Member

Last Updated: 6/23/13