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  • Driver Approval

    This page discusses the requirements for any student, employee or agent of the University driving any vehicle on University business to complete a Driver Authorization form. In addition, this page proves a description of the hands-on driving assessment required for every UW-La Crosse employee, student and volunteer that uses a State-owned, leased or rental van for University business that is capable of carrying 12 or more passengers.

    Driver Authorization

    The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) has enacted regulations which require the drivers of state‐owned vehicles to be qualified based on their age, driving experience and driving record.  The UW System has expanded this policy to include all drivers of personally owned vehicles, as well as leased and rental vehicles while on University business.  See University of Wisconsin System Vehicle Use and Driver Authorization Policy. Due to the substantial risk associated with allowing unauthorized drivers to drive vehicles on university business, DOA regulations and UW System policy require the completion of a Driver Authorization form.

    Prior to operating any vehicle on University business, a Driver Authorization Application shall be completed. This applies to all students, LTEs, employees and other agents whose job requires or provides them the opportunity to drive any vehicle, including a personally‐owned vehicle, on University business.  This form shall be renewed every year by students, non‐employee agents and drivers with out‐of state driver licenses and there is no renewal requirement for non‐student employees with Wisconsin driver licenses. Applicants should allow at least three weeks processing time from the date the form is submitted to the proposed travel date.

    The Driver Authorization Application shall be signed by the driver’s supervisor and submitted to University Police, who will then obtain a copy of the individual’s driving record. Applications must be submitted by Campus Mail or delivered directly to University Police, please do not email the application. The supervisor will then be notified within 5 days of the receipt of the driving record whether or not that driving record qualifies the individual to drive on University business based on the standards set forth in the DOA’s Policies and Procedures.

    Drivers with out‐of‐state driver licenses must also complete the Notarized Statement of Driving Record form that verifies that the driver has a qualifying driving record.   Like the Driver Authorization Application, this form shall be submitted to University Police.

    Qualification Requirements
    The minimum requirements for an individual to drive a vehicle on University business are as follows:

    1. Must have a valid operator’s license.
    2. Must have a minimum of 2 years licensed driving experience.
    3. Must be eighteen (18) years of age.
    4. Cannot have 3 or more moving violations or “at fault” accidents within the 2‐year period prior to the date of the Driver Authorization Application or within 2 years of being authorized.
    5. Cannot have an OWI (operating while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence) violation in the past year.
    6. Driver license must have been reinstated for one year or more after revocation.

    It is the responsibility of the Supervisor approving the use of a vehicle on University business to ensure that the driver has a current Driver Authorization Application on file.  If a current Driver Authorization Application is not on file, a driver of a personally‐owned vehicle or a personally‐financed rental vehicle on University business may not be reimbursed for vehicle‐related expenses.  A driver who rents a vehicle for University business using a University Procurement Card who does not have a current Driver Authorization Application on file could be subject to the revocation of the University Procurement Card and/or be asked to reimburse the University for the vehicle‐related expenses.

    University Police will maintain information on the drivers who have completed the Driver Authorization Application.  Access to the information will be limited to those individuals who require it for renewal and/or enforcement purposes and the information available shall not exceed that which is necessary for these purposes.



    Passenger Van Drivers

    The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Fleet Policies and Procedures  (PDF) require every UW-La Crosse employee, student or volunteer that uses a State-owned, leased or rental van for University business complete a hands-on driving assessment.  This requirement applies for every van capable of carrying 12 or more passengers.  The DOA allows this assessment to be waived for individuals who have completed a comparable driver-training program.  To request this exemption you must complete a  Van Training Exemption form  (PDF).

    If you do not meet the exemption criteria, you will be required to receive the van driver training.  If you need the training, please contact Fleet Services at 608.785.8586 .  Allow at least two weeks advance notification when scheduling the van driver training assessment.  All training will be conducted at the Maintenance and Stores Building.

    Personnel who require the training should allow approximately two or more hours to complete the vehicle familiarization and on-the-road evaluation.  A charge-back of $60.00  will be assessed to the applicant's account.  Applicants will be required to provide this account number on a  Van Training Registration (PDF) form prior to completing the evaluation.  As necessary, the van driver applicant should acquire approval from their Supervisor or Department Chair prior to charging this expense.

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