SHE 910 add-on Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many credits will I earn?
  • You will earn a total of 15 graduate credits.
  • The 15 credits includes: 3 credits in the spring for an online health content course; 9 credits in the summer; and 3 credits in the fall for your clinical experience (where you apply what you  learned in the summer in your classroom).
  1. Can these graduate credits count towards a master’s degree?
  • Most likely, yes. You should check with the university in which you plan to complete your degree, but many students choose to start their classes for their master’s degree or add on to current coursework by taking these classes. These courses are part of the required coursework for a master’s degree in health education at UWL, and they can serve as electives for other related degrees.
  1. How much will it cost to attend?
  • You will pay UW-L tuition for spring and fall coursework per credit hour. During the summer, you will be considered a full-time student. You can see an example of this year’s tuition costs at, under Tuition Costs and Billing Info. Federal financial aid is not available for students pursuing an add-on teaching certification. Private educational loan opportunities are also limited for non-degree seeking students. However, students enrolled in a graduate program which leads to a degree(MS, MPH, etc.) may be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Director of the program you plan to apply to for questions on other potential enrollment options.
  1. How many people will be in my class?
  • The enrollment will be limited to 15 learners.
  1. How much homework can I expect?
  • Expect to have 1-3 hours of homework per night during the weeks that you are on campus.
  • Expect additional homework between the summer sessions to be completed by the next time you meet.
  1. Will the summer coursework cover health content in detail?
  • During the spring, you will take SHE 705 Essentials of Health and Wellness as an online experience to review/further study health content. Because the summer session is a combination of three classes, 710 Leadership in Health Education, 715 Health Education Curriculum and Pedagogy, and 720 Adolescent and Youth Health Issues, health content will be incorporated into the experience, but not the focus. Therefore, you may need to spend time outside of class becoming familiar with health content in preparation for the licensure exam (i.e., PRAXIS II).
  1. What is the meeting date of the fall course?
  • We will gather together during the first weekend in December.
  1. Who do I contact for more information?