Faculty and Staff

Caravella, Tracy J., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director Graduate School Health Program: Ph.D. (Health Education), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; M.S. (School Health Education), University of Wisconsin – La Crosse; B.S. (School Health and Physical Education) University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Specialty Areas: Adolescent Health Issues; Death Education; Human Sexuality; Mental Health; Stress Management; Comprehensive School Health Pedagogy (i.e., curriculum, instructional methodology & assessment);and pk-12 Health Literacy. 
202 Mitchell Hall

Detert, Richard, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, M.A., Health Education, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, B.A., Health and Physical Education, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, specialty in comprehensive school health education, stress management, T’ai Chi Chih, emotional health, holistic health, program evaluation/assessment.
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Duquette, R. Daniel, Ed.D., CHES, Professor, Department Chair, Director Undergraduate Community Health Education Program: Ed.D. (Health Behavior/Education), State University of New York-Buffalo; M.S. (Environmental Health Science), University of Rhode Island-Kingston; B.S. (Biology), State University of New York-Brockport. Specialty Areas: Environmental Health, Cancer Prevention/Education, Biometry, Evaluation, Research, and Statistics, Geographic Information System and Public Health; men’s health.
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Gilmore, Gary D., MPH, Ph.D., CHES, Professor and Director, Graduate Community Health/Public Health Programs (MPH and MS-CHE): Ph.D. (Public Health Education and Epidemiology), University of Tennessee Knoxville; M.P.H. (Public Health Education and Epidemiology), University of Minnesota-Minneapolis; B.A. (Biology: Genetics), Hope College-Holland, Michigan. Specialty Areas: Public Health Epidemiology, Family Health and Wellness, Cancer Prevention and Detection, Psychological Type and Preference, Chair, National Health Educator Competencies Update Project, Community-Based Participatory Research and Global Health Issues.
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Jecklin, Robert A. Jr., Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Continuing and Vocational Education) University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.P.H. (Public Health Education) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; B.S. (School Health Education) University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Experience: Community-based Primary Care, Managed Care, State Health Departments, Youth Programming, and Voluntary Health Agencies. Research Interests: Retelling human stories of health-related learning; exploring connections between educational attainment and health status; and organizing strategies for health interventions.
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McCormick, Gail L., Associate Lecturer,  B.S. ( Health and Physical Education) Winona State University, M.S. (School Health Education) University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Middle/High School Health and Physical Education Teacher, Caledonia Area Schools, Caledonia, MN, specialty in health and wellness.
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Oganowski, J. Leslie, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. (Health and Education) The Ohio State University, M.S. (Health and Physical Education) Miami University of Ohio, B.A. (Health, Physical Education and Recreation) Miami University of Ohio, specialty in youth risk behaviors, program development and assessment, health behavior theory, emergency preparedness, coordinated school health, comprehensive school health, elementary health education, programming for people with disabilities, teaching pedagogy, curriculum development and assessment.
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Olson, Kathy, Academic Department Associate
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Pettit, Michele L., M.P.H., Ph.D., CHES, Assistant Professor: Ph.D. (Health Education), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; M.P.H., University of Illinois at Springfield; B.S. (Health Science/Community Health), Truman State University. Professional Interests: stress/coping, health communication, health risk behaviors, health disparities, teaching strategies, and professional preparation.
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Rees, Keely S., Ph.D., CHES, Associate Professor, Education: Ph.D. (Health Education) University of New Mexico; M.S. (Exercise Physiology/Health Behavior) South Dakota State University; BA (Health Education) University of Minnesota-Morris. Areas of Specialty: Women’s Health (pregnancy, exercise, maternal & child health) Adolescent Health Behaviors; Nutrition Education; Foundations of Health Education.
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Skemp, Karen M., Ph.D., HFS, CSCS, Assistant Professor:  Ph.D. (Kinesiology), University of Minnesota; M.Ed. (Physical Education/Athletic Administration), North Dakota State University; B.A. (Education/Sociology), University of San Diego.  Areas of Specialty:  Nutrition and performance, Alternative Nutrition, Nutrition education, Body Image and eating patterns across various populations, Fitness Across the Lifespan.
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Whitney, Emily., Ph.D., MCHES Assistant Professor. Education: PhD (Health Education) Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; MS (Community Health Education) Utah State University; BS (Community Health Education) Utah State University. Research Interests: Social Support, Diabetes/Obesity, Adolescent Health Programs (physical activity, diabetes prevention, dental health, mental/emotional health, bullying etc.) Community Capacity, Social Capital, Stress/Coping (PTSD, College Student Wellness), College Health, Health Aspects of Aging.
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