Teacher Candidates enrolled in the School Health Education Program will ultimately be assessed through a portfolio process. These pre-service teachers will submit first an on-line “Preparing to Teach” Portfolio to the School Health Faculty, in their last semester on campus before student teaching. Each teacher candidate will work with a portfolio advisor throughout this two-step process. This first portfolio includes a narrative that the student develops describing their competence in the Wisconsin Teacher Standards. The narrative reflects how experiences that the student has had in the application courses of their program show their competence in the ten standards. Artifact, projects developed during the “senior block” of courses, are filed in the electronically generated portfolio as indicators of their progress in their skill development. This first portfolio must be approved before a candidate moves into their student teaching experience. A second portfolio, “Student Teaching Portfolio”, will be developed using required artifacts designed during the student teaching experience that continue to support their competence in the ten Wisconsin Teacher Standards. http://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/stand10.html This portfolio must be approved in conjunction with the successful completion of student teaching in order to receive licensure for school health education and graduation from UW-La Crosse.