Advising for Graduate Students in Exercise and Sport Science, Health Education and Health Promotion, and Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation

The information below is intended to help graduate students in finding answers to the most common advising questions.

Maintaining Good Academic Standing

Transferring Courses from Other Colleges/Universities

  • Make yourself aware of graduate course transfer policies by following this link:,
  • Steps to follow:
    1. Complete the Graduate Course Transfer Request form and submit the form to your faculty adviser prior to enrolling,
    2. If approved, your adviser will forward your request for further evaluation to Guy Herling, Assistant to the Dean,
    3. The Office of the Dean is the final stage of approval,
    4. If approved, the Office of the Dean communicates the decision to the Office of Records and Registration,
    5. After completing the approved course, request that an official transcript be sent to the Office of Records and Registration--directly from the corresponding institution

      Office of Records and Registration
      UW-La Crosse
      1725 State Street
      La Crosse, WI 54601,

    6. Check to make sure the transferred course appears on your Graduate transcript.

Substituting a Course in Your Graduate Program

  • Meet with your graduate faculty adviser or program director to discuss requests for course substitutions,
  • Substitution request must be made in writing to Guy Herling, Assistant to the Dean
    • Usually the faculty adviser sends an email to the Office of the Dean in order to make their request
    • Faculty advisers must explain in writing how the course applies in your program of study—as a direct equivalent for a required course or as an elective course.
    • Check to make sure the transferred course appears on your Graduate transcript

Completing a Thesis or Culminating Written Project?

  • Watch deadlines for submission of projects to Office of Graduate Studies
    • This applies only to projects that will be entered into the Murphy Library collection
    • See the Timetable or University Graduate Studies website for deadline dates,
  • Make yourself aware of the continuous enrollment policy and GRC 799 by following this link:

Preparing to Graduate

  • The Graduation News website will provide answers for many of your questions about the graduation ceremony, diplomas and transcripts:,
  • File your intent to graduate via WINGS the semester prior to the last semester in your program:,
  • Make sure your records are in order and you are actually on-track for graduation
    1. Review the term summary section under the Academics tab—found in your WINGS Student Center,
    2. Compare what’s listed in your term summary section with the requirements for your academic program in the Graduate Catalog,
    3. Contact your faculty adviser or Guy Herling, Assistant to the Dean, if you have questions or concerns,
    4. Common issues are—
      • Incorrect major or concentration (or a desired concentration is not listed on your transcript or WINGS),
      • Course taken at another college/university does not appear on UW-L graduate transcript,
      • Course substitution not reflected on transcript,
      • Grade of Incomplete still appears on your transcript and on WINGS—contact course instructor,
      • You’ve exceeded the 7-year time limit for your degree program,
        • Visit the University Graduate Studies website for information and the time extension appeal form.