Executive Management Education

As a top executive of a growing company, you often make tough—sometimes pivotal—decisions alone. It is rare to have all the facts and time you’d like to arrive at the best solution. Other owners, CEOs and presidents face critical issues, too. We understand your need to address important business issues related to finance, employee relations, legal compliance, marketing, communication and leadership effectively and efficiently. That's why the SBDC offers a variety of business education seminars to help you find the best solutions and confidently lead your organization to the next level.

Executive Management Education Programs


Executive Presence: Strengthening Professionalism

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This confidential and personalized program is led by a highly qualified expert coach who guides participants through the identification and strengthening of behaviors critical for growing influence, strengthening self-confidence and projecting a clear professional brand. 

Executive Presence isn’t just for executives. It’s for any professional interested in assessing and strengthening their confidence, authenticity, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and the behaviors and qualities that determine how others perceive you.

The program is delivered in six 90-minute Skype sessions, combined with a series of self-development activities (to be provided by the coach) to be completed between the sessions. All participants will complete a total of 56 hours of program time, including calls, guided activities and individual investigation.  The program must be completed within 12 months. Typical program completion time is 3 months.

Participants should expect an intense feedback and guidance program that focuses on further developing key “presence” strengths and cultivating the right behaviors to fill gaps and eliminate weaknesses. 

While the program is tailored to each individual, common topics include:

  • Self and external assessment of how others perceive your communication and professional style and behaviors.

  • Identification of your core professional value proposition.

  • Identification of and focused work on key limiting factors and perceived negatives with your professional/executive presence.

  • Ability to recognize and develop effective strategies for high value and high risk communication situations.

  • Strengthening your ability to deal with difficult discussions via feedback.

  • Ensuring your body language and non-verbal behaviors support your brand message.

  • Strengthening networking and relationship building skills to extend your influence.

  • Learning to better communicate with empathy and authenticity, and to project a sense of self-confidence.

  • Establishing a program of continuous improvement beyond this coaching program.

Schedule a phone informational session with our program director prior to registration to help you determine if our Executive Presence: Strengthening Professionalism program is a good match for your goals. This discussion will help you understand the program, review the instructors available for your selection, explain course customization, course design elements, and the assessment process.

On-going sessions available*   $2000   Register online   Download flyer

*This is an ongoing, instructor led program. Our director will contact you within 48 hours of your registration to work with you on your instructor selection and to schedule the start of your program.



In collaboration with the Wisconsin PeerSpectives Network, the SBDC brings groups of qualified entrepreneurs together ten times a year for collaborative sessions that address important business issues. Led by trained facilitators, this confidential roundtable of business owners and executives discuss challenges and share experiences.

Peer members discuss issues specific to their respective businesses in areas such as finance, employee relations, legal compliance, and marketing and advertising.

Next group dates TBD ● 10 monthly sessions ● 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon ● $2,000