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  • The La Crosse Experience

    Everyone talks about it. 

    Faculty. Staff. Even the competition. 

    But what is behind the legend?

    It is slightly different for everyone, but there are many common denominators.

    Lifelong friendships

    Natural beauty

    Faculty mentors

    Strong community

    Campus landmarks

    Outstanding education

    Student organizations

    International programs

    Research opportunities

    Athletic successes

    satesupportEvery school claims to be unique and special. It’s not the bricks and mortar that make a university stand out. It’s the people. It’s the memories. It’s the opportunities. And something as special as the La Crosse Experience needs to be preserved for future generations. It’s our turn to share this experience with those who want to follow in our footsteps.

    The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, in partnership with the UW-L Foundation, is proud to launch the $15 million Share the La Crosse Experience Scholarship Campaign. The campaign is part of our combined efforts to maintain accessibility to the excellent education offered by UW-L for all students.

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  • Keeley story
    “These scholarships have come at a time right when I’m finding myself on the edge of knowing I can’t possibly work any harder and something has to give in order to keep going. This money could be a real means to ensure I can still get to school and finish something I have worked so hard for.” 

    — Keeley McConaughey, English major, emphasis in Rhetoric and Writing, Spanish minor — enrolled since 2009 — GPA 3.68 — dean’s list.

    1. The William Hyde Scholarship for English 
    2. The Jean Foss & Norene Smith Organization for Campus Women (OCW) Scholarship 
    3. The Gund Family Scholarship

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