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    So many people have been impacted by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in different ways. For many, it was the academic program that they studied or taught. For others, it was a special faculty or staff member who served as a mentor and guide during their time here. Or maybe there were special opportunities like the chance to study abroad, participate in a research project, or serve in a leadership role in a student organization.

    How you can help

    Support your passion! There are so many different ways you can help. Let us help you create a gift opportunity you will be proud of that matches your interests and values. Please consider establishing a scholarship fund through the UW-L Foundation that will provide assistance to students in the area that means the most to you.

    templins portrait“After our accident, we take nothing for granted anymore and we decided we wanted to help those that mean the most to us. We love the idea of setting up a scholarship fund for education students at my alma mater. We know our gift will one day make a huge difference for those that follow in our footsteps.”

    — Tom and Linda, ’73, Templin, retired firefighter and educator respectively

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    “These scholarships have come at a time right when I’m finding myself on the edge of knowing I can’t possibly work any harder and something has to give in order to keep going. This money could be a real means to ensure I can still get to school and finish something I have worked so hard for.” 

    — Keeley McConaughey, English major, emphasis in Rhetoric and Writing, Spanish minor — enrolled since 2009 — GPA 3.68 — dean’s list.

    1. The William Hyde Scholarship for English 
    2. The Jean Foss & Norene Smith Organization for Campus Women (OCW) Scholarship 
    3. The Gund Family Scholarship

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