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  • Applied research project

    Students will be engaged in an Applied Research Project (ARP) process that includes the Applied Research course and two structured Applied Research Project courses.  Students will have an active professional role in all phases of the applied research project including project planning and implementation, dissemination of results, assessing the quality of the applied project, and making future recommendations.  Examples of projects include completing a needs assessment, developing a strategic plan to enhance a campus service, or developing a program that addresses a particular issue on campus. A primary goal of the ARP is to "give something back" that can be applied to a student affairs-related issue at your institution.

    General Guidelines for the ARP:

    • The ARP will relate to the discipline of student affairs.
    • The ARP will be completed in collaboration with a student affairs program/office/unit on your campus.
    • The ARP will have practical application to a student affairs area in a higher education setting.
    • The ARP will consist of a needs assessment, evaluation of a program or service, a project development, or assessment of learning outcomes.
    • The ARP will be an individual effort.
    • The ARP will be described in a professional paper.
    • The ARP will be shared at a national conference or at the SAA Research Day at UWL.
    • The ARP results will be shared with the SAA program and the program/office/unit on the campus where the research was conducted.

    SAA ARP Template