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  • Adult Learners handbook


    Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse! Whether this is your first time as a university student or you are returning to campus, it is hoped that your time here will be fruitful. Please take the time to read through this handbook and familiarize yourself with the services that are available to you on this campus.

    This handbook has been compiled by the Returning Adult Student Advisors in the Student Life Office with information provided by the university offices listed herein and is intended for the use of Adult Learners at the UW-La Crosse. Questions regarding the information should be referred to the respective office or agency under which it is presented. Suggested changes or recommendations for improvements or additions are actively solicited and should be provided to the Student Life Office, 149 Graff Main Hall. This handbook provides information that is most relevant and important to Adult Learners who are new to this campus.

    This guide should be used in combination with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Catalog , the Student Handbook , and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Timetable of Classes . These sites contain information regarding the university that is important for you to know.

    UWL Telephone Numbers: The area code for La Crosse is 608. The telephone numbers reported in this book are to be used when calling from an off-campus location. If you are using a campus telephone, you need only dial the last five numbers.


    Advisor: Aaron Koepke, 608.785.8066,
    Student Senate Representative:

    The Returning Adult Student Organization (RASO) is organized to assist adult students throughout their university experience. The purpose is to promote the interests of Adult Learners at UWL. Membership is open and free of charge. Those who consider themselves "returning adults" are welcome to participate in this organization. RASO is also represented on the Student Senate. If you have concerns or questions regarding student issues, please contact one of the advisors, the RASO President, or the RASO Senator.


    Faculty advisers are assigned to each undergraduate student basked on chosen major. Students who have not declared a major are assigned to a faculty advisor in one of the colleges or to an adviser in the Academic Advising Center. Academic advising plays an important role in helping students achieve their educational goals. It is a process that encompasses student development along with the delivery of accurate, up-to-date information regarding career options, educational programs, courses of instruction, resources, and policies and procedures, to most effectively aid the student in pursuing their educational goals.

    It is important for students to consult their advisers regarding program development, major and career choices and concerns, course sequencing and course selection. Students are encouraged to make a connection with their adviser early in their college career. Students should schedule a minimum of one meeting with their adviser each semester.

    Assistants to the Deans (listed below) are also available to assist students, and appointments may be scheduled through the respective Dean's office. They are also especially useful in conducting "Degree Audits" to assure completion of all requirements, usually at the beginning of the student's junior year and just prior to graduation. The Assistants are the best source of information concerning academic requirements and may be helpful if a faculty advisor does not have an answer or satisfactory response. Students who are dissatisfied with their faculty advisor should discuss this with the department chair or their respective Dean's office for reassignment.

    College of Liberal Studies (includes School of Arts & Communication and School of Education)
    Sandra Keller , Room 260 Morris Hall, 785-5454
    Peter Stovall, Room 260 Morris Hall, 785-5454
    Tim Walls , Room 260 Morris Hall, 785-5454

    College of Science and Health
    Carla Burkhardt , Room 228 Graff Main Hall, 785-8156 - Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Health Professions, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Physics
    Guy Herling , Room 228 Graff Main Hall, 785-8156 - Exercise & Sport Science, Health Education and Health Promotion, Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation

    College of Business Administration
    Becky Vianden , Room 138 Wimberly Hall, 785-8090




    The University maintains a full-time 24-hour law enforcement service staffed by fully certified law enforcement officers. They provide the normal range of assistance, investigation, and law enforcement services generally required on a college campus.

    Parking permits for commuter lots may be purchased at the University Police Department and $160/semester, $224 per academic year, and $96 ($32 per session) for summer session. There are parking meters conveniently located around campus and daily permits can be obtained for $5/day. Meters on campus are provided for short-term parking. Payment for the use of a metered space is required even if the vehicle displays a university permit. The current charge is $.75 for 60 minutes. Enforcement hours for gray conventional university meters are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday (Saturdays, Sunday, and legal holidays are exceptions, unless otherwise marked). Parking regulations on campus are strictly enforced, and fines ($10-$65) may be paid at the University Police Department. If not received within ten days,the fine is doubled. Tickets issued by the La Crosse Police Department must be paid by mail or at the City MunicipalBuilding. Both agencies participate in the Vehicle Registration Program as a means of ensuring payment. For more information regarding University parking, please refer to .