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  • Welcome Adult Learners

    Welcome to UWL

    Many times adults come to campus after having experienced life beyond high school or some college.  UWL considers students who are beginning school at the age of 23 or older or have had their education interrupted for several years as non-traditional or "returning adult students." Many students may have anxieties about returning to school, being with classmates who are 18-22, or not having had any science or math classes for several years. More often than not, this group of students also has children, spouse, or parents to contend with while pursuing their education.  These are just a few of the situations returning adult students may find themselves concerned with in coming back to school. The Student Life Office is offering the Returning Adult Student Organization as support for you. 

    As a returning adult student you are automatically a member of the Returning Adult Student Organization (RASO). UWL's Student Senate has one seat available to RASO (the current representative below).  Also, RASO members arrange social events a few times during the semester as a way to meet and network with other returning adult students. These opportunities are generally off-campus and open to any students who would like to attend.  You will be notified by e-mail of scheduled events. We hope you can make them.  Also, if your schedule permits, please visit the Returning Adult/Commuter Student lounge, 230 Cartwright Center, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Wednesdays to visit with other returning adults.

    Senator Will McLoughlin

    William McLoughlin is a returning adult student majoring in political science and minoring in psychology.  He is a senior who will graduate after the Spring Semester of 2017.  His academic and career goals are to earn a PhD in psychology in order to become a college professor.  William comes from a military family, so he has lived all over the United States, and he also lived in Germany for six years.

    William believes that non-traditional students and returning adult students are an under recruited and underutilized population on campus.  Non-traditional and returning adult students face unique challenges, and he hopes to advocate for them as a member of the UWL Student Association Senate.

    William’s goals for his term as UWL Student Association Senator include advocating for non-traditional and returning adult students; increasing diversity, inclusion, and retention for non-traditional, returning adult students, and all traditionally under represented populations; and increasing student engagement in all campus activities including UWL Student Association.

    William believes that the goal of all higher level academic institutions should be to teach their students how to think, not what to think.  He believes in open academic discussion, academic freedom for faculty, and strong protections for faculty that will allow them to explore controversial topics in pursuit of scholarship.  As such, he will listen to all concerns with an open mind and welcomes feedback, questions, and discussion of all students’ concerns.