About Us

The SHC PT Department evaluates and treats an array of musculoskeletal injuries and problems. We also provide post-operative rehabilitation for orthopedic procedures. Your semester fees cover the cost of most evaluations. Click on the "fees and costs" link for more information.

Clinic Policies

  • Closed-toed athletic shoes & (appropriate) workout clothing must be worn while exercising in our gym.
  • Our facilities are for rehabilitation only & cannot be used for conditioning or as a substitute for a health club.
  • Patients who miss two consecutive appointments without notifying the SHC PT front desk will be discharged. These patients may also be charged the 'No-Show' fee ($10.00 for each missed appointment).
  • Patients who are uncooperative or disrespectful to the staff or other patients will be discharged.
  • To ensure confidentiality for all patients, non-relatives (except translators) may not accompany patients to their appointments.