The University is fully approved for the education of veterans and veterans' dependents under both federal and state programs.  Veterans and eligible dependents wishing to apply for educational benefits are encouraged to visit their County Veterans Service Office to register discharges and other official documents and to determine which programs are available to them.

New students who are eligible for education benefits under the Montgomery G.I. Bill or other federal programs are required to report to the Veterans' Benefits Coordinator (VBC), located in Records & Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall, to fill out an application for education benefits form 22-1990 and to submit a DD 214 (active duty discharge form) or Notice of Basic Eligibility 2384-1 (reserves/guard), depending on your entitlement. Dependents or spouse of 100% disabled or deceased veterans or vocational rehabilitation veterans, contact the VBC for additional requirements.

Each semester after you have registered (fall and spring sessions, interim sessions, and summer sessions) an enrollment verification must be completed in the Records and Registration Office. The Veterans' Administration requires certification of attendance and credit load on a semester basis for the continuation of benefits. Payment of veterans' benefits depends on the number of credits carried.  Undergraduate students should carry at least 12 credits, and graduate students should carry at least nine (9) credits to receive full benefits under most programs. However, if you choose to attend school part-time, benefits will be prorated accordingly. Chapters 30 and 1606 students must verify enrollment monthly with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Wisconsin National Guard Tuition grant applications may be picked up from your unit and brought to the VBC anytime during the semester. Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Grant applications and Part-Time Study Reimbursement applications may be picked up at the County Veterans Service Office and brought to the VBC anytime during the semester. All state benefits are processed after grades are posted.