Services We Offer

The SLO provides a variety of services for students including but not limited to:

Advising and Student Referral

The Student Life Office advises students on a number of concerns, i.e. personal, social, emotional, or academic problems.  The Student Life Office does not provide counseling but may refer students to other offices.

Communication, Support, and Assistance to Faculty Concerning Student Absences and Other Student Problems.

A student should contact the SLO when his/her absence will exceed five days and the cause for the absence is reasonable, i.e., illness, family emergencies, etc. The SLO will officially notify the appropriate instructors; however, the legitimacy of a reported absence is determined by the instructor.  If you, as a student, know you are going to be gone ahead of time, contact your instructors.  If faculty are concerned about a student's absence from class, they are encouraged to contact the Student Life Office.  The Student Life Office will then contact the student regarding his/her welfare.

Conflict Resolution Services

The SLO provides trained mediators to assist students who are in conflict.  Mediators facilitate a problem-solving process in which the parties in conflict define the issues and work toward the development of a mutually agreeable resolution.  This agreement is then formalized and put into written form.  The mediation process usually takes 1-2 hours, but can vary depending upon the issues.  The process is private and confidential.

Hate Incident Response Team

The Student Life Office, in collaboration with other campus members, is responsible for responding effectively to hate incidents on campus. Any member of the campus community who experiences or witnesses a hate incident may complete a hate incident report form. Any harmful act which appears to be motivated or is perceived by the victim to be motivated all or in part by race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression or disability is considered a hate incident.

The SLO serves as a link between students and other campus offices in the investigation and resolution of student concerns or complaints.  

Investigative Office for the Administration of UW-La Crosse Disciplinary Procedures

The Student Life Office is charged with investigating and adjudicating violations of UWS Administrative codes; UWS Chapter 14, Academic Misconduct, UWS Chapter 17, Non-Academic Misconduct, and UWS  Chapter 18, Conduct on University Lands.  

Legal Services

While classes are in session (including summer term) free legal advice is provided by attorneys sponsored and paid for by the UWL Student Association.  Currently enrolled students may make 15 minute appointments by calling 785-8062 or stopping in the Student Life Office, Room 149 Graff Main Hall.  An attorney will be on campus for a short time on each Tuesday and Wednesday that classes are in session during fall and spring semesters. They are available to meet with students occasionally during summer term.  


The Student Life Office coordinates orientation programs for returning adult and commuter students.  These programs are designed to help students with their academic and social adjustment to the university.  

Oversees UW-La Crosse Student Elections

Elections for Student Senate seats are held in April with the exception of freshmen seats, which are held in the fall. 

Responds to Incidents Against Students Concerning Sexual Assault, Racial Harassment, or Harassment Based on One's Sexual Orientation

Personnel in the SLO are sensitive to the above issues and encourage students with complaints to consult with us.  

Support Services for Returning Adult Students

The SLO offers advisement and support for returning adult students by maintaining a graduate assistantship position that primarily focuses on providing service to returning adult students.  Generally, returning adult students are 23 years old or older, but students at any age may consider themselves returning adults.  The Returning Adult Student Organization (R.A.S.O.) meets each Wednesday between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in Room 328 Cartwright Center for informal brown bag lunches.  The R.A.S.O. elects officers each spring for the following academic year.  The Student Life Office publishes annually a Returning Adult Student Handbook addressing issues of importance to returning adult students.  Any full or part-time student is welcome to participate in the R.A.S.O.

Withdrawals from the University

The process of withdrawal from the university begins in the SLO. Students contemplating withdrawal should come to the SLO for a brief interview. Students who are experiencing a medical/psychological condition that prevents the normal pursuit of academic life may request a Medical Withdrawal from the University by submitting a signed letter from a licensed health care professional that describes the diagnosed medical/psychological condition, how it prevents the student from attending classes and completing the semester, and when they anticipate the student will again be able to attend classes. 
UW-L Withdrawal Survey