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  • Green Fund FAQ

    Open Green Fund Coordinator Positions

     Green Fund Hiring flyer

    UWL Green Fund is in search of two exceptional student work as coordinator for the fund. As Green Fund coordinator, you’ll work side by side with student and staff to become involved with the Green Fund, leading them to complete grant applications and to creatively problem solve issues on environmental sustainability. Green Fund coordinators develop strategies to achieve a common end goal of increasing UWL sustainability while collaborating with smart and innovative colleagues from all parts of campus. No two days are the same working for the Green Fund and you'll never stop learning and growing. You'll have the freedom to make important decisions while receiving support and guidance along the way.

    The Green Fund Coordinator’s duties are as follows:

    On a weekly basis:

      • Manage the UWL Green Fund e-mail account and website home page

      • Prepare publicity for the Green Fund

      • Give presentations and attend meetings:

        • Student Senate and SUFAC; attend Student Senate and SUFAC meetings in which Green Fund proposals are being discussed; answer questions pertaining to the proposals;

        • Joint Committee for Environmental Sustainability (JCES); attend all meetings as a non-voting committee member;

        • Students for Sustainability;

        • ENV classes and other meetings/classes where Green Fund proposals are being discussed.

    • Set the deadline for the Green Fund grant proposals. There shall be one proposal in the fall semester and one proposal in the spring semester of each academic year.

    • Assist students, faculty, and staff with Green Fund grant projects and applications;

    • Research and prepare one or two applications for possible Sustainable/Green Fund projects. The priority of the Green Fund Coordinator should be to prepare an application for a large capital project of a type that has not yet been funded;

    • Monitor the progress of current Green Fund projects;

    • Meet with the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and representatives from the Department of Facilities Planning and Management regularly while preparing the abovementioned application for a large capital project;

    • Prepare an annual report at the end of each school year of the Green Fund’s expenditures and funded projects and put information about each project on the UW-L website.

     Desired Qualifications:

    • Skilled verbal and written communication skills

    • Ability to work with self-direction

    • Proven ability to work collaboratively

    • Problem solver

    • Demonstrated competency in environmental sustainability

    • Competency in Microsoft Office 

    **To apply please download the following documents below and send completed forms to before December 13th.

    - Green Fund Coordinator Questions

    - Green Fund General Information (**Please only fill out the first page of this document)

    Please contact UW-L Green Fund at for further information and or questions.

    What is the Green Fund?

    The Green Fund was proposed by students and passed in a student referendum in the spring of 2008 by a vote of 2222 to 275. Each semester an amount up to $7 will be collected from each student and placed into the Green Fund, totaling $60,000 per semester. Applications for projects funded by this money are collected and reviewed by the Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability(JCES), then forwarded to the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC). SUFAC then moves applications on to Student Senate with its recommendations. Student Senate decides upon final Green Fund application approvals.
    Students, faculty, and staff are all encouraged to propose projects from the Green Fund. We value innovation and cooperation.

     Green Fund bylaws

    The Green Fund bylaws are an important document that highlight various aspects of the Green Fund application process. 

     How much can I request?

    There isn't a limit on the amount you may request.

    Mini-grant requests are for smaller projects and the maximum request is $2,000.

    Who can apply?

    Students, staff, and faculty can apply for the Green Fund grants. 

    However, only students can apply for the Green Fund mini-grant.

    Who do I contact if I have a question?

    The Green Fund Coordinator is here to help with the application process.

    The Green Fund Coordinator may be contacted by email at Please setup an appointment today! 

    The Green Fund/Sustainability office is located in 234 Cartwright Center. 

    Or, you can visit the Contact Us page.