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  • Advising

    TESOL Minors should seek advising with the TESOL Director each semester before registering for classes. Typically, the TESOL Advising Day occurs in early November (advising for the Spring semester) and early April (advising for the Fall semester). TESOL Minors can also visit the TESOL Director during office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

    Contact: TESOL Director, Dr. Heather A. Linville
    315 Graff Main Hall

    Advice for New TESOL Minors

    Follow these steps as you begin your Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) minor. For questions, contact the TESOL Director at or (608) 785- 8326 at any time.

    1. Complete ENG 110, 112, 303, 304, 306, or 309 with a grade of B or better to demonstrate proficiency in English.

    2. Complete a 102-level foreign language class (taught in the foreign language) with a grade of B or better to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. You can also demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by placing into a 201-level or higher foreign language class at UWL, receiving a foreign language score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam, or receiving a score of 70 or higher on the La Crosse Battery exam. Contact the TESOL Director for additional information if you are proficient in ASL or if you are a heritage speaker of a language other than English (e.g., if you speak Hmong in the home).

    1. Declare TESOL as your minor at the CLS office (235 Morris). 

    2. Take the following TESOL minor courses in your sophomore year if possible.

    • MLG 340: The Study of Language (offered each fall) or ENG 331: Introduction to Linguistics (offered each spring)
    • MLG 345: Intercultural Interactions (offered each spring)
    • MLG 306: Second Language Acquisition (offered each spring)

    3. Take the following sequence of courses in this order in your junior year (education majors) or senior year.
    • TSL 400: TESOL Policies and Program Models (offered each fall; prerequisite for TSL 463)
    • TSL 463: TESOL Methods (offered each spring)

    4. Take additional required courses in your junior or senior year.
    • TSL 450: TESOL National/International Internship (offered all semesters; non-education majors)
    • MLG 406: Language Assessment (offered each fall; education majors)
    • 1 elective course (3 credits)
      • TSL 350: ESL Program Development (usually offered fall)
      • TSL 425: Global Issues in TESOL (usually offered summer)
      • ENG 332: Modern English Grammar (usually offered each semester)
      • ENG 334: Language Study for Teachers (usually offered each semester)
      • MLG 406: Language Assessment (offered each fall; for non-education majors)
      • TSL 450: TESOL National/International Internship (offered all semesters; for education majors; must take for 3 credits)

    Additional Requirements for Education Majors
    1. Take and pass the Praxis II (ESOL) exam. It is recommended that you take the exam after you complete your TESOL minor coursework, but it should be taken at least 1½ semesters before student teaching.

    2. Complete TESOL student teaching in your last semester of study. You must have completed all your coursework, including your TESOL minor courses before you student teach.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Heather Linville, UWL TESOL Director at or 608-785-8326.


    TESOL Internship

    The TESOL Internship provides you with the opportunity to gain practical experience tutoring or teaching non-native speakers of English. The TESOL Internship is offered each semester, including summer and J-term. One credit of TSL 450 (TESOL National/International Internship) requires 35 - 40 hours of service in the field over the course of the semester (an average of 2.5 hours/week during a 15-week semester). Most TESOL Minors need to complete 3 internship credits. It is recommended that you complete no more than two credits at the same site or during the same semester. You will receive a pass/fail grade for the TESOL Internship. To receive a passing grade you must submit a monthly work progress report to Career Services and a reflective paper for each credit of TSL 450 you receive.

    You may complete your internship at a wide variety of internship sites, such as adult literacy programs, after-school enrichment programs, university-level ESL programs, or EFL programs abroad. Available sites every semester are the ESL Institute at UWL, the ELL Program at Western Technical College, and the MARC (pre-college tutoring) program at UWL, or you may propose your own. Prior approval for any internship site and the number of credits received is required.

    To apply for an internship:

    1. Meet with the TESOL Director for advising and to discuss possible internship options.
    2. Complete the TESOL Internship Application by December 1 (for Spring or J-term internships) or by May 1 (for Fall or Summer internships).
    3. Complete your class registration, leaving enough credit hours free for the TSL 450 credits you will take. (You will be registered for TSL 450 by Career Services after completing the next step.)
    4. After you receive notification of your acceptance for the internship, complete the registration process at Career Services by December 15 (for Spring or J-term internships) or by May 15 (for Fall or Summer internships). 

    Once you are registered as an intern:
    • Stay in contact with your internship site. Expect to receive an email a few weeks before the internship begins with instructions. Read and respond to all emails.
    • Read the TSL 450 information online in D2L and acquaint yourself with the requirements.
    • Submit work progress reports to the Career Center monthly (first report due October 1 for Fall, March 1 for Spring, June 15 for Summer, and January 20 for J-term).
    • Plan to complete one reflective paper for each credit of TSL 450 for which you are registered. (Reflective papers are typically due at mid-term and final; check the due dates with D2L for more information.)

    Apply now!

    TESOL minor requirements

    For more information, please contact Dr. Heather Linville, UWL TESOL Director at