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  • What is TESOL?

    TESOL  = T eaching E nglish to S peakers of O ther L anguages

    Welcome to the the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse TESOL website.

    TESOL is an acronym that refers to the discipline of teaching English to students who have a different native language. 

    On this site, you will find  advising  information about the undergraduate TESOL Minor at UWL, and you will find contributions from our TESOL students in the  archives .

    There is a close relationship between the  English as a Second Language Institute  and the TESOL program.   

    Please check out the helpful links  for TESOL students and professionals on this site, as well as the  general information about finding  graduate programs and jobs  in this exciting field. 

    For more information, please contact Dr. Heather Linville, TESOL Director at