TESOL Advising, Spring 2008

November 2, 2007

Hello, UWL TESOL students,

Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions in the information below, and let me know if you have questions or concerns about the TESOL curriculum and/or the spring 2008 schedule. I have a terrific group of students again this semester in TSL 300, and I am looking forward to seeing many former TSL 300 students again this coming spring semester in the C-I 463 TESOL Methods course.  I hope your fall semester is going well.

Best wishes,

Janis Hanson, TESOL Coordinator


351 GMH, Univesity of Wisconsin - La Crosse

telephone: 608-785-8318

TESOL Courses, Spring 2008

The following required courses in the TESOL curriculum are offered this spring:  C-I 463, ENG 432 and English Grammars..

  • C-I 463/563 TESOL Methods.  This course is only offered during spring semesters.  You should have more than half of your TESOL credits completed before you register for this course.  Contact me if you have problems related to registration.
  • ENG 432/532 Introduction to Linguistics. This course is only offered during spring semesters.  In the spring semesters, Dr. Morzinski will teach the course online.  We expect that it will be taught on campus in spring 2009.  The prerequisite for ENG 432 is ENG 332 or the completion of a 202-level foreign language class.  However, I can only recommend this course in good faith to students who have completed ENG 332 with Dr. Morzinski.   
  • ENG 332 Modern English Grammars.  UWL will not offer ENG 332 this spring.  However, you may take ENGL 395 English Grammars at Viterbo as a substitution for ENG 332.  You do not have to pay additional tuition for this course; however, you will need to purchase the textbook.  The course meets at 8:00 a.m., MWF.  (See the Viterbo schedule online for additional information.)   To make arrangements to take the course at Viterbo, contact Carla Burkhardt, burkhard.carl@uwlax.edu, 124 Mitchell Hall, 785-8156.

The following elective courses in the TESOL curriculum are offered this spring:  PSY 280, ANT 350, ENG 334, PSY 436, and TSL 450.

  • PSY 280 Cross-cultural Development. This course or PSY 382 Cross-cultural Psychology fulfill the multicultural/international requirement.
  • ANT 350 Language and Culture.  TESOL minors are required to take ANT 350 or CST 332 Intercultural Communication, which we expect to offer next fall.
  • ENG 334 Language Studies for Secondary Teachers. 
    • Education majors:  This TESOL elective is recommended for all education majors who are not working toward certification in a foreign language.   Foreign language education majors/minors are advised to take C-I 467 Teaching a Foreign Language as their TESOL elective in the fall.
    • All other majors:  TESOL minors who are not majoring in education may take ENG 334 or PSY 436 as their TESOL elective. 
  • PSY 436/536 Psychology of Language.  
    • Education majors:  In the past we have allowed this course to substitute for SPE 431, which is a requirement for all education majors pursuing ESL certification.  We may be able to do this again if you anticipate a scheduling conflict with SPE 431 in the fall semester.  Please see me if you expect this may be the case.
    • All other majors:  TESOL minors who are not majoring in education may take ENG 334 or PSY 436 as their TESOL elective.    I highly recommend this course for TESOL minors who would like to work toward a TESOL M.A. in the future.  If you have a strong interest in this course but not all the prerequisites, please see the professor. 

TSL 450/550 TESOL Internships

In the spring semester, we will offer ESL Institute and TESOL program internships for 1 - 3 credits (25 - 35 hours work/credit).  The ESL Institute internships include tutoring and leading testing skills, composition and pronunciation labs. Please contact me to suggest other TESOL-related experience to fulfill the TSL 450 internship requirement. 

Link to the application form for additional information about internships with the ESL Institute and the TESOL program. 

Email your application to ESL Institute director Michelle Tyvoll (tyvoll.mich@uwlax.edu) and to TESOL program coordinator Janis Hanson (hanson.jani@uwlax.edu) by November 26, 2007.


  • We expect to offer the following courses during the fall 2008 semester:  PSY 280 Cross-cultural Development, ENG 332 Modern English Grammars, ENG 334 Language Studies for Secondary Teachers, C-I 467 Teaching a Foreign Language,  SPE 431 Language Development & Disorders (required for education majors), CST 332 Intercultural Communication,  and TSL 450 TESOL Internship.  There are tentative plans to convert TSL 300 Introduction to TESOL into two courses, an online overview and a clinical practice.  More information about this will be available by April 2008.
  • There are opportunities to tutor Spanish-speaking English language learners in a program organized through the UWL Multicultural Student Services.   If you are interested and available from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, contact Connie VanderHyden,  venderhy.cons@uwlax.edu, 243 GMH, 785-8225.
  • I received an interesting letter from Ben Barwick (Madison, WI, sculptone@sbcglobal.net) about volunteering to teach spoken English in China for three or four weeks in the summer.   Room and board are covered, but participants pay for their round-trip transportation.  Please let me know if you would like me to investigate the program for an TSL 450/550 internship placement. 
  • For 14 years, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has provided opportunities for university graduates to work as assistant language teachers in Wisconsin’s sister prefecture of Chiba, Japan.   The positions start in August, and applications are usually available online by January, with a deadline in early February.  If you are interested in this opportunity, keep an eye on the DPI web site:  http://dpi.wi.gov/cal/wlcjflyer.html .
  • The 2008 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program applications are currently available and are due on December 3rd, 2007. Those interested in applying may apply online and find more information on the JET website: http://www.chicago.us.emb-japan.go.jp/JIC/jet.html.
  • We expect there will be a position for a TESOL student to teach a testing skills and pronunciation lab during the summer term at the ESL Institute.  Strong candidates for this position will have taken TSL 300, ENG 332, one or more electives, and at least one TSL 450/550 credit.  By February 1, 2008, TESOL minors will get further email notice about the summer program.  Contact ESL Institute Director Michelle Tyvoll, tyvoll.mich@uwlax.edu,  if you have questions.  

General advice for new TESOL minors

Please declare Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) as your minor if you are interested in pursuing a minor in TESOL at UWL.  If you are listed as a TESOL minor, I will be able to email you updates about the TESOL curriculum.  Please note that your choice of some courses depends on your major, i.e., the requirements for education majors are somewhat different from the requirements for students who are not seeking certification to teach ESL in the public schools. 

Second language study and competency in English are required for all TESOL minors.  Basic literacy skills in a language other than English are required for all TESOL minors.  Heritage speakers (e.g., U.S. residents who speak Hmong at home) and non-native speakers of English should contact me for information about how to satisfy the second language requirement on your SNAP.  Native speakers of English can fulfill the second language requirement by completing a 102-level course in a foreign language or by completing two years of foreign language study at the high school level.  All TESOL minors must demonstrate competency in English through completion of a university-level composition course with a grade of B or better. 

Certified teachers seeking an additional certification in ESL should contact the Student Teaching office in September or February prior to the semester in which you plan to enroll for ESL student teaching credits.  You will need to fill out a student teaching application form.  All coursework required for ESL certification must be completed by the time you complete your student teaching. 

WI DPI Regulations

Education majors, the new WI DPI regulations allow K -12 ESL certification with a TESOL major.  Inasmuch as we offer a TESOL minor (but not a TESOL major) at UWL, your ESL certification will be at the levels for which you are certified in your major.  Students who earn special K-12 certifications in a foreign language, however, can meet requirements for K-12 ESL certification.