Freshman/Junior Year Self Assessment

The Freshman and Junior Year Self-Assessment forms are an informal appraisal of a student's view of him/herself within the theatre program and profession. The freshman self-evaluation, distributed in Foundations of Theatrical Production, is intended to assist the student in exploring the possibilities of becoming a theatre major and gaining a broad-based liberal arts education. The junior self-assessment, distributed in Theatre Studies, focuses more on the theatrical aspirations of the student and how the program is assisting them in that journey. Assessment forms will be maintained in the student's file.Crimes of the Heart Production Photo

Senior Exit Interview/Survey

Graduating seniors are required to complete a written senior exit survey and interview with theatre faculty and staff. The 12-question survey is a formal assessment of the program, courses, career/graduate school preparedness, multicultural and diversity exploration and suggestions for improvement.

In addition to the written questionnaire, graduating seniors also participate in an exit interview with the faculty of the department. This is an opportunity for students to give verbal feedback to the department regarding their course work, production participation and theatre program experience. Students are also asked to discuss areas within the program that they feel were most/least beneficial to them in preparation for a theatre career/graduate school. Faculty then give feedback to the student regarding his/her strengths and weaknesses and observations regarding the student's personal, professional and artistic growth and development during their participation in the program.